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I am a decendant of Drewery Smith
Here is my direct line

Generation 1

Drewery Smith was born August 18, 1784 in Knox Kentucky, and died March 21, 1888 in Tennessee. He married Polly Tye Murphy April 4, 1814 in Knox County, Kentucky. She was born January 11, 1797 in South Carolina, and died October 17, 1874 in Tennessee.


Generation 2

Children of Drewery Smith and Polly Murphy are:

Drewery Smith, b. December 21, 1814, Huntsville, Scott County, Tennessee; d. March 21, 1855, Scott County Tennessee.

Kisiah Smith, b. January 11, 1817; d. July 6, 1887, Blue Hole, Wayne County, Kentucky.

Jane Smith

Jackson G Smith, b. Scott County Tennessee; d. December 3, 1905.

William F Smith

Henry C Smith

John Smith


Generation 3

Drewery Smith married (1) Polly Duncan Chitwood 1831 in Campbell County Tennessee. She was born January 11, 1816 in Campbell County Tennessee, and died October 18, 1884. He married (2) Sally Smith 1836 in Jacksboro, Campbell County Tennessee, daughter of John Smith and Elon "Elenor". She was born October 22, 1814 in Scott County Tennessee, and died January 15, 1898 in Scott County Tennessee.

Child of Drewery Smith and Polly Chitwood is:

Eliza Jane Smith, b. January 16, 1832.

Children of Drewery Smith and Sally Smith are:

Polly Smith, b. February 22, 1838.

Ellen Smith, b. October 17, 1841.

Harriet Smith, b. August 21, 1843.

Joshua Smith, b. October 12, 1846; d. March 27, 1932.

Persidia "Parazida" Smith, b. March 19, 1849, Campbell county Tennessee; d. Tennessee.

Julia Ann Smith, b. December 8, 1851, Scott County Tennessee; d. January 23, 1945, Elk Valley, Campbell County Tennessee.

William R Smith, b. October 23, 1854; m. Unk Lakey.

John Smith, b. September 23, 1857.

Nancy Smith, b. April 17, 1861; m. Poss Hardy Honeycutt.


Generation 4

Persidia "Parazida" Smith married Henry "Hen" Lay April 18, 1870 in Tennessee, son of James Lay and Iris Grant. He was born April 18, 1854 in Campbell Co., TN1, and died 1904 in Scott County Tennessee.

Children of Persidia Smith and Henry Lay are:

Sarah Lay, b. 1872, Tennessee; m. (1) John Trammell; m. (2) James Hensley.

Amanda Lay, b. January 1873.

Drewery Lay, b. July 1875; m. (1) Charity Jeffers; m. (2) Ellen Phillips; m. (3) Arminda Phillips.

Hugh Lay, b. July 1879; m. (1) Nancy Jane Jeffers; m. (2) Ollie Jeffers.

Willard Lay, b. November 1883, Tennessee; d. June 28, 1947, Tennessee; m. (1) Charity ? (2) Nannie Sexton, Tennessee; b. April 1888, Campbell County Tennessee; d. 1963, Scott County Tennessee;

John Lay, b. January 1886; m. Vanila West.

Mary E Lay, b. July 1890.

Almeda Lay, b. April 1895.


Generation 5

Sarah Lay was born 1872 in Tennessee. She met (1) John Trammell. She married (2) James Hensley.

Child of Sarah Lay and John Trammell is:

Nannie Bell Lay, b. January 22, 1893, Campbell County, Tennessee; d. January 16, 1978, Capitol Hill, Scott County , Tennessee.

Child of Sarah Lay and James Hensley is:

Lillie Hensley.


Nannie Bell Lay married James Harvey Sexton September 29, 1911 in Campbell County, Tennessee, son of Ewell Sexton and Mary Terry. James Harvey was born February 28, 1886 in Campbell county Tennessee, and died December 13, 1972 in Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee..

Nannie Bell Lay and James Harvey Sexton were my grandparents..They had 15 children..Their daughter, Betty Elizabeth Sexton is my mother.


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