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Sarie's Page

Hey everyone and welcome to my webpage. My name is Sarah. I'm 16 almost 17/f/va/a SENIOR. I play soccer and field hockey. To all my "Dopewell" people, Lindsey, Travy my lovely lovey! Stud Muffin!, Jonny boy!, Albrey, Amber Z., Shany, Aaron, Rob, Carrie, Dawn, Mark, Lisa Marie!, Stephie!!! Girl we have soo much we need to talk about! My field hockey girlys, Hey Charlie! and everyone else I forgot (Sorry tell me and I'll put you on here!) If you wanna chat IM me, my sn is Un4gtbl Angel. My email addy is I guess thats all, if ya wanna know more look at my info page or just IM me(or both, your choice:-P). Oh yeah! Don't forget to check out my Pic pages! And for all of you who I've talked to before take my quiz and see how well you've come to know me!


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