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My Info.

Hey! This is my info page. Well, lets see, all about me. Scary thought! Hehe. Well, as you know I'm 16 almost 17. I'm a SENIOR BABY! I have brownish red hair, green eyes, and I'm 5'4" tall and I just won't grow!!!! My dream is to be 5'7" but I just can't get that extra bit, LOL. I love playing sports, playing my guitar(which I'm not that good at but it's still fun) I also love to sing, dance, and pretty much just about everything else. My Fav. color is Baby Yellow!!! I play soccer, field hockey. I love music, more than almost anything (few exceptions) My favorite song is "What Might Have Been" by Little Texas. I love that song! It's so sweet! Well let's see, my personality. I'll be the first to admit that I'm VERY hyper and spunky (haha I just used spunky!) I talk A LOT! But, when a friend needs me I know when to shut my mouth and listen. I'm kinda quiet when people first meet me but then I transform into this loud person. I'm out spoken when it comes to some things but i have a line that I don't like people to cross. I've been told that I'm easy to talk to but I don't personally know that! I have an 19 year old sister, who I get along with pretty well. Were very close when it comes to sisters being friends, she's helped me through some pretty tuff crap. I trust her more than anyone in the world. I'm always open to new ideas, and I follow what my head tells me to do. (thats why im in trouble most of the time, j/k) No actually I'm a good girl, haha. *wink wink* I love talking to new people, listening to them and trying to help them. That's all I can think of right now, so hope to talk to ya later!