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Perhaps I'm the most intelligent of the group. Not only am I good at book-smarts, but I'm a crafty inventor; I know my way around the lab, and the garage. So my personal life isn't too involved. I would much rather sit at home and read a good book. And I may be considered the least spiritual; but I do stand up for my beliefs and the beliefs of my loved ones.

What Inuyasha Character are you?

days till Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles airs on Fox Box!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Don't get me wrong but I think Donatello looks very good in the Red Sky Series that aired in 1995, take a look.

Dark Turtle Welcomes You!

So how's my fan fic coming along?

update with some news! 7/13/03 Well after having 2 SK dreams in a row, I am going back to work on my SK/TMNT fiction! I am hoping to work on it as soon as possible. I If you would like to read my fiction, go back to and then click on the link that says My Fan Fiction or Please go to and look up my fiction there to read. Just look under Pen Name, which mine is Felicia McFurry. There I can get reviews and such. I really need reviews on my fiction so I know how I am doing and what I should consider in changing. Thanks Update!! I changed some pictures around. Currently I am working on my TMNT/SWAT Kats Crossover and it's going to be very long! I have Parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 finished and if you go to my main page at Just look under My Fan Fiction then click on Gravity of Love between Chapters 15 and 16. The rest of the fics are at the very end beginning with Left Behind. Want to know a hint of what to expect in part 9 and probably 10? Just look at this picture!It's not going to be directly taken from the picture of the comic but I got an idea from it and it's very similar to that cover in some way. Hehe figure it out.

For a hint for something in part 9 of my fic

For a hint for something in part 10 of my fic

For some great images from some of my fics go to this link

Fic Art!

Here are some theme songs! .

Old Theme

Red Sky Series Theme

The Next Mutation Theme Song

2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme!

The Turtles Will Remember What Happened on September 11th and who ever is responsible will pay!

I finally have the Night of the Dark Turtle Script! Check it out!! Plus I'll be uploading some quotes!!

Night of the Dark Turtle Script

Why the turtles? Well I grew up liking them a lot and always thought Donatello was cute :) And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the main reason why I started like SWAT Kats because Donatello sounds just like Razor! And they even act alike :) I decided to give the Turtles some credit that they truly deserve. I am going to have some pics up in here with some cool turtle wavs!

Here's a great Donatello kiss pic!

And if some of you don't who Donatello is. He's the one wearing the purple bandanna. Donatello is a cutie pie and everytime he tries to invent something it goes wrong, he's fun to watch. Donatello is the greatest! BRING THEM BACK! I miss Donnie! Donatello kicks some serious shell! All sound wavs are copyrighted to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

Here are some great sound clips!

Taken from the episode "The Incredible Shrinking Turtles." Don: Quick boil some water! Raph: We're not delivering a baby, dimbo! Don: I heard it in a movie.

Taken from the episode "Night of the Dark Turtle." Don: Grr..shredder! Where's that shredder! Leo: Oh no, not again! Mike: You got to come to your sense, dude! Raph: We are not going to let you go after Shredder again! Don: What are you talking about? I'm looking for my cheeseshredder! I am just dieing for a pizza. Turtles: Ahh, dude!

Taken from the episode "Legend of Koji." Raph: Guys, Master Splinter may have finally stepped off the curb.

Taken from the episode "Legend of Koji." Giant: I have been defeated! I can not bear the disgrace! I will retire to a peaceful life. Raph:Yah you do that.

Taken from the episode "Donatello's Degree." Donatello: Oh, next time I travel in a trunk, I'm shipping myself

first class, fragile, this end up.

Taken from the episode "The Foot Soldiers Are Revolting." Shredder: Why don't you jettison your android body, it would give us more room. Krang: Why don't you jettison your head? It's the most useless object in here!

Taken from the episode "Leonardo Versus Tempestra." Mike: Yo dude your foot is in my ear! Or is that foot? Don: Okay guys so it's a little uncomfortable. This isn't a pleasure trip. Raph: You got that right!

Taken from the episode "Night of the Dark Turtle." Don: Shredder! Why did you stop me? Raph: Yeah the only thing you had was a warm, eerie, glow from head to foot, pal! Don: I must stop Shredder! Mike: This dude's gone wackahola! Leo: Can you do anything for him, sensei? Splinter: Donatello, look at me. Clear your mind of these vicious thoughts, my pupil. Don: Vicious? Shredder's the one who turned you into a rat! Shredder's the one who tries to take over the world every week! Shredder's responsible for everything evil that ever happens! He's out there somewhere and I'm going to get him! Raph: No, you're not in shape to do anything. Mike: Yeah you had a major shock, dude. Don: Perhaps you're right, I could use a little rest.

Don't know the episode. Krang: I would have been better off hiring streetmimes! At least they know when to shut up!

Taken from the episode "The Great Boldini." Don: Is this going to be a strip search? Raph: I hope not. This is a family show.

Taken from the episode "Heroes in A Halfshell." Shredder: But you may call me the Shredder. Raph: A kitchen utensil?

Taken from the episode "What's Michelangelo Good For." Don: Why do we have to go with me? Mike: Because I know how you dudes love to visit the zoo! Raph: Hey if I want to see a bunch of trapped animals, I'll go watch the subways at rush hour.

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