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We will remember everyone who lost their lives on September 11th. God Bless You and Take Care of you.

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I am Dark Kat.
I'm a super-sized evil genius with odd fashion sense. I want to control everything I set eyes on, and I'm not afraid to utilize my prodigious intellect to attain my goals. Most people think I'm scary.

Who would you be? What SWAT Kats Bad Guy Are You? on Strike's SK Zone.

I am Razor/Jake Clawson.
Perhaps not as self-confident as I could be, I still have a lot of good qualities: I'm hella smart, helpful, witty, easygoing, and fun. Too bad most people think my friend is sexier than I am, that showoff.

Who would you be? What SWAT Kats Good Guy Are You? on Strike's SK Zone.

Updated 7/13/03!! I am going to work on my SK/TMNT fic once again! Then I may work on that SK fic that I had started a year ago called "Darkest Day of MegaKat city" Check back later for more info!!

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