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Registering Yourself and Your Horses


When you register in the PHHA, you are registering yourself, and registering to be the handler of your horse. Although we will give each of you horses a number (All horses entered in our shows must be registered under the correct handler's name), you only need your handler number when you enter in shows. So to register, please copy and paste the form below into and email and send it us:

Your Name:
Your E-mail:
 Your Barn: (If you have a minibarn, specify that and your mentor barn, and tell us if you are a boarder)

Then include a list of *(JUST)* the names of your horses in which you will show in PHHA shows. They will all recieve numbers, and you will be their registered handler.:


If you do not register your horse, he/she may not participate in closed PHHA events. So keep your lists updated(if you get a new horse, or want to register more horses, just write your name in an email (with your handler number) and include a list of the horses/ponies you would like to register! Also, if a horse is sold/traded to another person, the PHHA must be updated immediately to make changes to the page.

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