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Here is the main classlist. Classes may be added in the future depending upon the demand in PONY.


1. Open Halter
2. Stallion Halter
3. Colt Halter
4. Mare Halter
5. Filly Halter
6. Gelding Halter
7. Yearling Halter
8. Weanling Halter
9. Broodmare Halter
10. Champion Halter
11. Broodmare & Foal
12. Get of Stallion
13. Approved Halter
14. Thoroughbred Halter
15. Arabian Halter
16. Quarter Horse Halter
17. Warmblood Halter
18. Gaited Breeds Halter
19. Welsh Pony/Cob Halter (All sections)
20. Connemara Pony Halter
21. Spanish Breeds Halter
22. Other Pony Breed Halter (SPECIFY BREED)
23. Other Horse Breed Halter (SPECIFY BREED)
24. Coldblood Halter (Both horses and ponies)
25. Horse Cross Breed Halter
26. Pony Cross Breed Halter
27. Colored Horse Halter
28. Miniature Horse Halter
29. Open Western Halter
30. Open English Halter

Open Halter: Open to all breeds, ages, and sexes
Stallion Halter: Open to all stallions, 4 and over
Colt Halter: Open to all colts, under 4
Mare Halter: Open to all mares, 4 and over
Filly Halter: Open to all fillies, under 4
Gelding Halter: Open the all geldings, 4 and over
Yearling Halter: Open to all breeds, and sexes, between 6 months and one year
Weanling Halter: Open to all breeds, and sexes, under 6 months
Broodmare Halter: Open to all mares who are ONLY used as broodmares
Champion Halter: DO NOT ENTER, the 1st place horses from the above classes will automatically be entered!
Broodmare & Foal: Open to all mares with foals under 6 months
Get of Stallion: Open to all stallions with 1 foal over 6 months
Approved Halter: Open to all horses that are PRIDE, PAR, PTR, etc
Gaited Horse Halter: Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walkers, Peruvian Pasos, Morgans, etc. SPECIFY BREED!
Open Western Halter: Open to all breeds, ages, and sexes; proper western attire is required
Open English Halter:Open to all breeds, ages, and sexes; proper english attire is required

How to enter:
Copy the classlist and write under each class entered:
horse ,owner,barn ,breed (if requested), registration number

DELETE unentered classes!!

1. Only 3 classes per horse.
2. Only 3 horses per class per owner.
3. NO VR's!
4. Try to keep the same horses entering the same classes each show!

Points & Awards

The top five horses each season will be given the PHHA award and will be be able to carry PHHA in front of their name as long as they live!

Points are calculated as follows:
1st place - 6 points
2nd place - 5 points
3rd place - 4 points
4th place - 3 points
5th place - 2 points
6th place - 1 point

Everyone is responsible for calculating their own points. If I find that you have cheated on your points, you will be eliminated from ALL PHHA activities.

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