Humane and Environmental causes..... PARTICIPATE in any way you can.

Greenpeace... Need I say more.
Animal Testing is a Serious Problem... check out this sight and see what you can do.
Amnesty International- a great site!
Habitat For Humanity- help end homelessness!
Internation Earth Day info Site.
PETA! Own a cat and dont wear fur! Check out their fabulous site.
Humane Society Online. Do your Part.
Help Stamp Out World Hunger.
Get Educated on the Hunger Problem.
Organ, Blood and Tissue Donation... an Option to consider in the quest to help others.
Learn about STD's and how to help end the rampant spreading.
Child Abuse Prevention.
Spousal abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention.
Help Prevent Gun Violence.
Toxic Waste Prevention.

Minorities and Special Interest Groups

American Civil Liberties Union.. Protects constitutional rights of all people.
About-Face: Cool Site about social pushed standards and ideals, particularly for women..a must-see!
Gay And Lesbian Support.
Comprehensive site of issues that affect everyone! A must-see!
Get Political with the Human Rights International Alliance.
A small site on the New Generation of Feminism
Native American Resource Page.
Ethnic Minority Rescouce Links.
Links To NAACP and other Minority Orgs.
Campaign to end Capitol Punishment.
Coping with having or losing a loved one to a Terminal Illness.
Pro-Choice Information.
Pro-Life Information and Resources.

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