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Name Titiana
From Vancouver
Referred By A Friend
Signed In On 7/21/00 5:30:00 PM
Comments I was hoping that you could help me figure some things out in reguards to keeping a 3 week old pitbull. I know that pitbulls are vicious, but he's a puppy, so I thought that he deserves a chance. I am bottle feeding him puppy formula, and taking care of him well in that sense, but I want to be asured that he will not be vicious or aggressive in any way, or unfortunatly I will no longer allow him to be with me. Can you offer me any suggestions on how I could train him now? He nibbles on my fingers and I hit his nose when he does, it seems to be working well. Thank you.
Record Id: 15041

As for this comment we recieved in our guestbook about a three week old Pitbull. Pitbulls are not people agressive dogs.... as a matter of fact, the only reason that pitbulls are deemed to be agressive is that they were used to dog fight. Any dog that attacks a human in a dog fighting ring is immediately killed, therefor, wouldn't you think that that part of them would be next to nonexistant? Pitbulls are very smart very loving and cuddly dogs in general! It seems to be the owners that have the problem, because of the way they look, and the fact that they can be protective of their loved ones, like most dogs are, has made the bad seeds of the human population, give these dogs a hard time and a bad name. As for the nibbling on the finger thing, ever met a baby? Babies when they are hungry will suck on anything and everything, and by flicking him on the nose, you are for one, increasing his chances of getting a broken nose, and teaching him that he is not loved by you, and that it is bad to eat. Thankyou for giving this dog a chance, but he will have more of a chance if he goes to a loving home, where people will take care of him properly. As a second note, please remember that it is very important when bottle feeding a small animal that you keep them four on the floor, so they can't inhale the milk, and always make sure you are using vet prescribed puppy milk! Thankyou, Hilary.

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