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Our Angels 2

Glad you could stop by and visit our second angels page.

Please take a moment to read about these precious angels

that have lost their battles on earth. But won the hearts of

many and was given the gift of eternal life.

Little Ray Adrian Reyes

Born to Earth: 12/9/90

Born to Heaven: 08/3/00

Beloved son to Julie and Ramon, cherished brother

to Bryce, Dylan and Antonio.

~~Kindred spirits forever with Little Ray~~

"The profoundness in which we love our children, so too

shall we grieve their passing."

Please visit to read more about Little Ray and his Family


Heaven's Special Angels

God made a place called Heaven, he created it with love;

He made this place forever for his angels up above.

He thought of all the good thing, that his angels loved to do;

Then He made this place so perfect, made just for me and you.

But He had a special place in mind, for those that suffered here;

He knew the pain and suffering, and collected every tear.

From all those special children who couldn't run or play,

The children who cried silently with every passing day.

The ones who couldn't speak or laugh or see the things most see;

The wonders of this world, like a flowering apple tree.

The music that we hear and the sun that hits our eyes;

Or the beautiful sunset setting in the evening skies.

They couldn't feel the ocean waves or catch a jumping frog;

They never ran in the park or chased a barking dog.

They never had the chance, to make a snowman in the snow;

They didn't feel the warmth of fire or see its yellow glow.

The things most take for granted, in an ordinary day;

These special little children never got the chance to play.

God knew their hearts, and when he made the place he made upthere;

He designed a special place for them with his love and care.

Their gardens are much sweeter, every flower of every kind;

Their roses brighter pink; each one beyond the scope of mind.

Their lilacs much more fragrant, and their petals even lighter;

Their violets are more vivid, and their daffodils brighter.

Their sunsets more intense, and their stars have extra twinkles;

Their rainbows extra colors, and their ice cream extra sprinkles.

Their beds a little softer, and their sleep a little longer;

Their wings a little faster, and their voices even stronger.

They will have the things they never had, on earth in life they knew;

They will get to do all the things they never got to do.

God has saved the very, very best for the very last;

Because he will not let them suffer like they had to in the past.

For that IS the very essence of what "heaven" has in store;

A place where those who suffered, will be blessed a little more.

The perfection of God's love, is what we will be blessed

But all those special little angels are the honored guests.......

Written By: J.A. Reyes

In Loving Memory of Little Ray





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