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Batten Angels

Welcome to the Batten Angels homepage. We hope you enjoy your stay here
and learn alittle something along the way. Our main goal is to
spread the word of a terrible disorder called Batten Disease. As well as
some other rare diseases that are affecting children all over the world. We
appreciate you stopping by and hope you come back soon.

For those of you that are new here or haven't visited in awhile we have some
painful news to share with you. Tevin was diagnosed on November 8th with Infantile
Batten's Disease. This has been very difficult for us to deal with. Tevin has
regressed very rapidly and has already reached a vegatative state. Currently
he is on oxygen almost totally around the clock as he cannot maintain his O2 stats
above 92%.

As you can see I am in the process of redoing the entire site and it's graphics and
overall look. Since I have no graphics programs or talent to make my own, the
pages will become alot more simpler as I do not want to keep using graphics found
all over the net. This whole process will be an ongoing job so check back often for
changes, etc. Currently the links found here may or may not work depending where
I am at in the whole process. Some pages may not look the greatest either.
Please be patient and check back often. Thank you.