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This is our family. All seven of us. Daddy's name is Adam and he
is in the IT field.Mommy's name is Beth and she stays at home with
all of us kids. She is also the one that keeps working on this site.

Tony is 10 yrs old and is in the fifth grade. He is a big help
with his brothers and around the house. He's a good kid whom
hates to clean his room. Tony enjoys legos and video games.
He spends alot of his free time playing with Gavin or watching
TV with him. Tony also likes to draw and is very creative.

Jeffrey is 7yrs old and has Infantile Battens Disease. More
information can be found about him on his own page. He
spends his time sleeping or laughing at everyone. And he
enjoys music.

Tevin is 2yrs old and also has Infantile Battens Disease.He has
his own page here as well. Tevin seems to enjoy music just like
his big brother. He really likes to be cuddled and rocked and sung
too. Doesn't seem to mind if you can't carry a tune or what you sing
to him. Just as long as your holding him or stroking his hair.

Gavin is 2yrs old and is full of energy. He has unknown allergies
and asthma. Have to keep a close eye on him. He's always climbing
around or getting into something.Gavin likes to play with cars,
watch tv, chase his big brother Tony around the house. He also likes
to play outside and around the house with the family dog.

Camden just turned 6 mths old. He is a very happy baby and always
full of smiles. He loves to "talk" to you and chew on his hands.
Camden can roll over and now sleeps on his tummy while sucking his
thumb. I'm sure it is just a matter of time before he's crawling.
Camden is getting ready to get his firth two teeth on the bottom.
You can see the tops of both teeth.

Jax is our family dog. He's about 6 mths old as well. We were told
he was a lab mix. Although now watching him grow we notice he looks
like he has alot of american pitbull in him. Jax is a big baby, and
he loves the kids. He prefers to sleep on the bed at night or if he
can get away with it on your pillows. He has lots of toys to play
with and keep him occupied.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our family. We thank you for taking the time to
read alittle about us all.

Thanks Blue for Such Wonderful Graphics!!