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Our Friends

Friends are like teddy bears you can never have too many of them.

Our Friends will be the place to share photos and information

about all of Jeffrey's friends. Many of his friends are from the

Our-Kids group. And soon friends from BDSRA and all around the world.

The more the merrier!

Please send me photos,homepage links and whatever else you'd like.

I will try and get the photos uploaded and information put on the

page as soon as possible. As I am still new at this I am not sure

how things will turn out so please be patient with me. And of course

I am always getting interupted. LOL

Zachary 5-11-86

His parents are Kim and Tom.

Zachary is one of our dear friends from Our-Kids.

Please visit Planet Zachary!

Zachary T. 3 years old (October 21st Microcephaly,DWM,RAD,GERD and so much more

Zachary is another one of our friends from Our-Kids.

Visit Zachary and His Family

Ryleigh, Our dear Canadian friend

More to come on adorable Ryleigh soon!

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