Thank you for Our Shannon

Shannon Smiles

I struggled with how to invite you into our lives. I wanted to share the gift of Shannon's wit and wisdom, her amazing ability to see the incredible in the mundane and leave you with a smile in your heart, but the truth is that with the joy of her life, comes the pain of her leaving us too soon.

I miss her with every breath and some moments of longing are unbearable, but if I have learned nothing else, I know for sure that love is stronger than grief and lasts forever and beyond.

So allow me to share the joy of Shannon's life and some of the ways that she has found to let us know that she is there... watching, loving and hopefully proud of her Mom and Dad.

An Introduction
Remembering Shannon's Spirit

"It's about love, that's it... that's all" ~ S.A.B.

I remember the first time I held Shannon. I remember birthdays and holidays and holding her when she was sick. I remember feeling as if I could do anything, be anything as long as she was beside me.
I remember her starting school, then college. I remember her first solo drive and the frantic call that she had "run over the Fas Mart". I remember our long drives and longer philosophical debates. I remember wanting to protect her and guarantee her happiness. I remember working late and feeling guilty. I remember the day she was diagnosed with diabetes and how brave she was at thirteen. I remember loving more than I thought humanly possible and being loved that way in return.
I remember that like all mothers and daughters, we argued and saw the world from different perspectives... but the last words I heard Shannon say were, "I love you Mom."
I remember that in that moment my heart jumped. She had never said it first. She would never say it again, in the same way.

Too many of life's moments are hectic and demanding but there is no promise that we will have another.
Hold those you love a moment longer. Tell them you love them too many times to count, and find the joy any and every way you can.

Our Web Site

I am finally learning to do what our dear friend Julane has done for us for so long. I am taking a Web Design class. Hopefully, before long, I will be able to connect and share with you in a more timely way.

Thank you for your patience and gentle support... thank you for opening your hearts

We would love to hear from you
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