Bookmark Therapy

Shannons Bookmarks In 1997 my daughter, Shannon, and I started Gratitude Journals. Oprah guaranteed it would change our lives. Little did she know.

  • "Thank you for the moon last night"
  • "Thank you for this book"
  • "Thank you for fat that melts away"
  • "Thank you for cracking backs"
  • "Thank you for the change a fresh coat of paint brings"

  • Nine months later in a May thunderstorm, Shannon collided with a tree and returned to Heaven. She had just turned twenty three. Shannon was wise and wonderful and loved without condition or measure. Tucked in her bag, we found her journal and it became our guidebook. Nothing can prepare you for a loss of this magnitude. No one can show you the way. You follow your heart, and if you're blessed, an Angel, will guide you.

    Over the last ten years, we have created and shared bookmarks made with Shannon's artwork and photos and entries from her Journal. In April of 2000, Shannon was featured in the Remembering Her Spirit segment of the Oprah Winfrey Show. We received thousands of e mails and letters from individuals who had been touched by Shannon's story and wanted to know how to request a bookmark.

    We stopped counting at 200,000 but Shannon's bookmarks circle the globe and each time we hear from a friend who is remembering with us, we know that Shannon's wish, " I don't want just any job, I want a job that makes a difference..." continues to come true.

    This year I retired and I hope to complete a book that was started ten years ago. I would love to include stories of how the bookmarks have touched your life. Please feel free to e mail or write. I would love to hear from you. Without Shannon's light, I would have never found my way. Without her joy in living, there would have been no journal, without her bookmarks, I could not have found you.

  • "Thank you for friends we know only by heart"
  • "Thank you for the ever amazing courage love offers"
  • "Thank you for a stranger's smile"
  • "Thank you for each new morning"
  • "Thank you Thank you Thank you for my precious Shannon"

  • Shannon's Last Entry

    Shannons Gram and Aunt Candy April 30, 1998

    • Thank you for a productive week
    • Thank you for McD's
    • Thank you for cute houses
    • Thank you for the smell of fresh cut grass
    • Thank you for time with just me and the "mules"

    "First thing, I'm now 23. I don't feel older, but people keep reminding me of my age and the things I need to do to live up to it. Things are back to normal with Gram and I spent this last week of April with her as her paid handy much a blessing to her as it is to me 'cause I need the 'mula'. I quit Weight Watchers 'cause I was gaining weight, but Mom seems to be doing well, hope she keeps it up. I'm thankful for the life I have, nothing I want that I can't obtain, wonderful family and friends, and lucky enough to take my time finding a job. Of course I know it's time to do so. Everyone seems to be doing well right now and for that I am thankful."


    Our Journey Continues

    Whether you have experienced a loss... or are simply looking for meaning, we are here to offer an open heart and hand. We've learned much in the last ten years and yet we still have moments that bring us to our knees.

    Shannon continues to watch over and guide us. Whenever life seems to challenge or overwhelm us, we are blessed by our Angel's Whispers, and we willingly share them with you.

    <BGSOUND src="04_-_Letting_Go.mid"> We would love to hear from you.