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Tour Operations Conducted by Us

Package Tours: Guided Tours are conducted by us in Buddhist Sector Areas. These include Bodh Gaya, Rajgiri, Nalanda, Patna, Saravasti, Lumbini, Vaishali, Kushinagar. Further, our region includes Kathmandu, Pokhra, Chitwan National Park.

Conducted Tours: Here, a visit to the city is conducted with a Guide to tell the Salient Features.
Tour No.1 includes River Ganges view, Old City, and the many known temples of Varanasi including "Monkey Temple", "Golden Temple". Time for this is kept 3 Hrs.
Tour No. 2 covers Sarnath Museum, Mahabodhi, Ruins- Stupa etc. Approx. Time is 2.30 Hrs.

Local Sight Seeing Tour: In this the tourist, is accompanied by our Guide to almost all parts of the Varanasi city, Sarnath, Ram Nagar Fort and Country side Villages. Boat rides to Ganges and long boat ride from Chunar to Varanasi can be arranged as per requirement.

Sun- Set Ganges Tour: You can witness the typical narrow lanes, the colourful markets with lights , Ganga Arti, A Boat ride, and view of the cremation ("Burning") Ghat. This tour is for 3 Hrs. in the evening between 17.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.Our Guides will be there to answer any of your questions.

Motor Cycle/Cycle Tours: You will be equipped with Cycles & Motorcycles,for a ride in nearby Villages, Countryside, Highways and Nepal Hills.

Ticket Air/ Rail Re-Confirmation

Re- Confirmation: You can get your air/ rail tickets re-confirmed from us. Besides, we provide full information regarding Flight and Rail Timings.

Cultural Programmes

Music and Dance: For Groups, we can arrange for cultural functions through "Nav Sadhana Nav Kendra" located in the peaceful Tarna Region of the city.Music and Dance for the complete human person, are expressions of the Divine, of the Soul within.Music to elavate you can be experienced.

Cars & Coaches

For Rent : Non /Air Conditioned cars and Non/Air Conditioned coaches are available from us at reasonable rental rates to suit your itianeries as per request.

Special Interest Programmes

Evening with an Indian Family: One can enjoy an evening with Meal at an Indian Home.

Paying Guest Accomodation

Stay with an Indian Family: Arrangements can be made to stay with an Indian Family Home, as per your choice.

Tourist Guides/ Escorts

Book Guides/Escorts: We can book Tourist Guides/ Escorts for tours in and around Varanasi, in all languages (ex. French, Spanish, German etc.)

Whom are we for..
Travel Assistance, as its name suggests, was launched primarily to Help Tourists, coming to the Holy city of Varanasi. It assists them in making their stay more memorable and enjoyable. Through our Home Page, we intend to come in touch with Several More Tour Operators all over the world. If you are a Tour Operator, watching this site or a tourist who would be visiting Varanasi, please take time to Contact us.

How to Contact us..
Please use our Phone Nos. at: 0091-542-346554, 348091, 348092 if you would like to have a discussion with us on any of your questions. Our Manager has a vast experience in Tour Arrangements. He is available at: 0091-542- 346554,348091. Further, our Fax No. is 0091-542-348416. And, yes you can e-mail us at: Our Mail Address is: Hotel Ideal Tops, The Mall, Cantt, Varanasi.