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((Last update on 26/11/2005: Revised 2))

Whoa... it has been a long time, and after a good while of fiddling with things, trying out new ideas and modifying a bit of everything Thrash Revised 2 finally sees the light....

Thrash Revised 2 is a revision of the original Thrash Revised, which in turn is a revision of the original Thrash by Ewen "Blackbird" Cluney. While the original Thrash Revised was born out of my need for diversity and wish to tailor the system into a more generic anime game, TR2 was born from the modifications I made to TR to fit the adaptation of my Train of Consequences game setting to Thrash, which I liked enough to make it into the new official thing.

On a funny note, as I type this document Blackbird is working once again on the Thrash 2 Beta, and it seems we both did many similar changes on our documents on things regarding creation points pools and such.


  • Added clearer rules for skills and money income as well as starting funds.

  • Added many advantages and disadvantages as well as revised and re-wrote a lot of the previously existing ones so now ALL of them have an active in-game use/hindrance.

  • Weapon skills were made into Weapon Disciplines and placed as an alternative to hand-to-hand combat styles, which are now disciplines as well.

  • The maneuvers system has been reworked, adding different damage types, reworking the categories and releasing over 30 maneuvers as basic because I finally got tired of players wanting their chars to elbow a foe and not being able to because they didn’t buy it. Styles format was also modified accordingly.

  • Separated the more “exotic” maneuvers and made of them two new sections, “Mystic Martial Arts” for obvious martial arts talents taken to fantasy extremes and “Miscellaneous Powers” for those other extraordinary talents that are “commonly shared” by many other power categories, taking the final step into setting martial arts into the same place of importance as the rest of the other Cutting Edges and no longer a 1 st place.

  • Added even more elemental maneuvers as well as c hanged many others (basic elemental among them) in order to cut down on redundancy and give elementals more creative resources. Also the Chi Blast (elemental) received heavy changes to give each elemental a more unique feeling.

  • Added new superpowers and maneuvers for the Superhumans section, as well as modifying SH Disadvantages (formerly “weaknesses”) to clarify them and making them more specific. Also moved the Transformations as a sub-section of superhumans as people rarely see them outside the superhero genre anyway (and Japanese equivalents) as well as modifying Transformations substantially to make them less exploitable and making transformation conditions into more of a handicap.

  • Moved Hi-Tech to the Equipment chapter, also distributing the rules for devices construction and hotshotting among skills description and all over the Equipment chapter. Rules for Hi-Tech design got simplified. Equipment Chapter increased substantially now featuring also vehicles, updated ballistic resistance data for armor, and revised tables .

  • Expanded the Combat chapter (formerly the Systems chapter) with several revisions from previous rules as well as new rules for non-combat damage sources, poison types, and vehicle combat.

  • Made a new character sheet to fit Re-Revised, making a change of mind at the last minute when I got finally fed up of players who have been playing with me for years, yet they keep asking me which stat goes with which skill to roll.

  • Added “Personal Defence” to the list of hand-to-hand styles, given the lack of a combat discipline to fill the purpose of said discipline (policemen and housewives aren’t taught Special Forces I mean).

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