...The play, sir is over...*

*the Marquis de LaFayette, 20 October, 1781, in a letter to a friend annoucing the English surrender at Yorktown

As your body solidifies on the transporter pad, you notice two security officers on either side of you, weapons drawn, but at ease. In front of you is a large man, well built, dressed in the command uniform of Starfleet, two gold bordered pipz reflecting from his collar. The Admiral's military bearing is offset somewhat by the twinkle in his gray eyes and the grin on is face.

"Welcome aboard! I'm Rear Admiral McAllister, commanding officer of the
Legionnaires and their flagship, the LaFayette. She's fresh from a minor refit, with some significant improvements. I don't always get the chance to meet prospective crewmen, but I'm proud of this ship and like to show her off whenever I get the chance."

Admiral McAllister waves his hand towards the door. "Let's take a short tour; the
LaFayette is a fighting ship-of-the-line and some areas are off limits to visitors. But, with any luck, you'll apply for a position with us, and then you can really get to know her better."

USS LaFayette, NCC - 63441

Akira Class Heavy Cruiser


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Would you like to join the crew of the USS LaFayette? During your tour, you will come across a button labled "Join Us." Should you decide you have what it takes to become a member of the finest ship in the fleet, push that button!

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