"Chris Shepard's guitar rock, because it can simply be described as guitar rock, sounds like quintessential, American music. Shepard is definitely a great guitarist, and that is the most important thing to know about this release it has great guitar, the kind of balls-out power chords so many males (and females) are craving nowadays." - Andrea Caumont, Left Off The Dial

"Chris Shepard has successfully developed a hypnotizing style with his powerfully-driven acoustic electric rock"
- Geoffrey Simons, Fly Magazine

"Chris Shepard gets more mileage out of his ax than a lumberjack in a feeding frenzy"
- Joe Quam, Roanoke.Com

"Nice tape, interesting material." - Joe Bouchard, X-Brothers, founding member of Blue Oyster Cult

"Good voice, good guitar player, intelligently written songs"
- Chris Gregory, Key West

"Each original song is a litany of raw nerves and haggard emotions"
- Chris Henson, Roanoke Times

"Your style isn't what they are looking for here. You're too original"
Jimmy Landry, Hotel Roanoke

"I love '...insatiable...' - great guitar work, nice melody and lyrics. I really like the harmonic change in the bridge when you hit that C minor chord with the sharp seven resolving to G - it's quite unexpected and creates great tension."
- Brian DuFord, deLux

"That guy's in his own time zone!"
-Anonymous biker in Maryland

"Enjoyed your music. You have a great sound...honestly"

"'Wine' - good all around funk/groove with some nice breaks"
- Brian DuFord, deLux

"I LOVE Mean People Suck"

"I was just listening to '...insatiable...' again...I love it. The lyrics and melody are so beautiful"

"I listened to your music. I like it. Great stuff."

"'Happy' is a very cool song...Heavy acoustics man!"
- Les, Buttermilk Platform

"I love it! Genius!"

"I have already downloaded 'Mean People Suck' and saved it on my computer and listen to it frequently! I love it!"

I have a lot of buds who like your CD and want to buy it"

"I LOVE hearing Mean People Suck online...It's too cool!"

"I LOVE the CD...really really excellent job"