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September, 2000 -
I've decided to summarize, to the best of my knowledge, the situation between 311 and Capricorn for those of you who are confused, or haven't heard about it. Recently, 311 filed a suit against Capricorn for breach of contract. 311 was signed to not only Capricorn, but also had ties to several other record companies and distributors, such as Mercury and Warner. Two years ago, Mercury was swallowed by Universal, and when Capricorn expressed interest in breaking their ties with Universal, the distributors became unwilling to spend energy on any of Capricorn's artists. As a result, 311's declining record sales over the years have caused much concern for our boys, 'Soundsystem' selling a surprisingly low 430,000 copies, less than their self titled album, which sold 2.7 million, and less than half of what 'Transistor' sold.

What it comes down to is that 311 can do better, so hopefully they can enjoy more success in the future.