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Suzy's Shrug


Apx 12 oz Red Heart Ombre Yarn

Size H Hook


Ch 109.

Row 1: Dc in 3rd chain from hook, ch 1, DC in same chain (V stitch made). *Skip next 2 ch, V stitch in next ch. Repeat from across, Dc in last Ch. Ch 2, turn.

Row 2: V-stitch in each v-stitch across, dc in last dc. Ch 2, turn

Repeat Row 2 until piece is approximately 26 inches long. After final DC, do not chain 2, fasten off.


Ch 27 loosely.

Row 1: V-stitch in 3rd chain from hook, skip next ch, V-stitch in next ch, skip next ch, [Tr ch in next ch, ch 1, Tr ch, skip next ch (Tr v-stitch)] 8 times, DC V-stitch in next ch, skip next, (2x) Dc in top of turning ch. Ch 2.

Rows 2-14: Dc v-stitch in each v-stitch across. Ch 2, turn

Row 15: Dc v-stitch in first 2 v-stitches, then Tr v-stitch in next 8 v-stitch, Dc v-stitch in last 2 v-stitch, Dc in turning chain. Finish off.


Sew up cuffs, leaving a long tail to attach to the body

Run a length of yarn thru the short ends of the body and gather gently. Sew on cuffs, easing gathers to fit.


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