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Summer Fatigues

Sloops Captain, The Tailor himself, as a scoutboatman with a squad of His Majesties Independent Company from Fort King George.

Summer fatigues, and a boatman in front

A 1720’s British Summer Fatigue uniform consisted of:

H#10 Cocked hat (what we call a tricorn) Measure H. $50
H#9 Plain civilian cocked hat $35
V#16 Early 18th Century British fatigues waistcoat Measurements;N;C,F,G;R,Q,. $50
S#6 Blue Checked British fatigue shirt for Royal Navy and Army (when material is available) Measurements;N;C;Q;R;S. $55
BT#47 Early British Fatigue britches ties at the knee no buttons there yet,straight fly Measurements;W,P,T,Z, $50
A#29 Brown fatigue duty leggings with black buttons thigh high Measurements;Z,K,A,O,T;TD> $65
U#11 Complete Fatigue Set $250
BT#9 British issue trousers,as issued to transports to the colonies and the Royal Navy from 1706 and forward,of fustian in natural only Measure as in BT#47 $55