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H#13 Scottish Tam, sewn , state color Measure head in inches $20
c#21 Early Scottish Jacket.of nondescript plaids as was sent to Georgia and America in the early 18th century,this is a direct copy of the Jacket ,Hogarth depicts on the Highlander in France in the 1740s. Measurements;N;C;W;F;J;M;Nn;. $115
C#21A Same, but on the diagonal $135
V#5A Scottish Waistcoat, measure as above, omit sleeve $90
BT#7 Breeches,civilian dress of wool with flapped fly and knees,and earflapped pockets Measurements;W;J;K;L;P $85
W#8 Ladys Wateau Pleated dress,fitted with boned stomacher Measurements;N;bust;underbust;bottom of ribcage;waist;hips;B;M;Q;S;X $185
W#5A Trimmed as the dress petticoats were then a sashed petticoat to compliment the over gown Measurements;W;O. $70