(from newest to oldest)

FEBRUARY 18,2001
Keep checking back to the site more shows will be added too,some at the last minute. MP3's of a few songs should be avaliable on soon it will probably take a few weeks before thats done.Tonights show in Norfolk went well as did the night before. The picture site will be linked to our site very soon.

FEBRUARY 17,2001
Last nights show was great we'd like to thank everyone who helped out we really appreciate it. Also thanks to Misguided and Skywave for opening.

FEBRUARY 10,2001
Stay posted to the site daily because show information may change at the last minute.About 1000 flyers are in circulation for the show on the 16th,check the Free Lance Star(Fredericksburg newspaper) Thursday for an article about the show. A new pic will be posted in the next few days,plus if you have any photos of the band e-mail them to us,we are mainly looking for 1993-1997 era photos for our picture site.

Flyers are out for the hometown show,tell a friend.We have also added a pic of the day to the site just to keep it interesting,the pic should be changed every couple days. A picture page is being set up and will include pics and flyers from the last 8 years,a link will be on here within the next month probably when the whole site is redone.

The 2 shows on Feb 9th and 10th have been cancelled due to the club changing its music format,and not allowing any hard rock acts play.Hmmmm makes you wonder?

More shows for February and March have been added,the hometown show is a definate go and its ALL AGES so all of the people who complain that we dont play in town have no excuse not to be there on the 16th. Tonight the band will be in Norfolk at the Taj Mahal, directions have been updated also.

JANAUARY 27,2001
We'd like to thank Your Disease for the show last night at Santa Fe.We will be playing our first ALL AGES show in Fredericksburg in over a year and a half at the Unitarian Fellowship off of Caroline street downtown.The show will be on the 16th of next month and doors will open at 5pm.More info posted soon about that show,tonight check the band out at Swingers in Richmond ,show starts at 10.

JANAUARY 24,2001
More dates for February have been added,the location of the Club 108 show will be posted soon.A 21 and up show will be in our hometown this Friday at Santa Fe with Your Disease.The Diablo site will be going through some major changes within the next month,keep checking back.Trust me it will look a lot better .

JANAUARY 20,2001
The 3 Chopt show last night was 1 of the best Richmond crowds in a while,a big thanks to Misguided,and also The Dave Brockie Experience(really cool guys)Anyone who stayed the whole time saw the fight at the end of the DBX set(that was cool too got it on video).We have a home town show at Santa Fe on Friday the 26th its 21 and up.

JANAUARY 19,2001
Last nights show at the Coppermine was awesome.We'd like to thank everyone who came out,Y101,and Misguided.Misguided and Diablo are playing tonight at Three Chopt in Richmond opening for The Dave Brockie Experience,and its an ALL AGES show. Cd's are still avaliable at the Blue Dog in Fredericksburg and at shows.More february shows posted soon!!Check back daily for updates.

JANAUARY 17,2001
This past weekend was a blast.BIG-UPS to everyone who came to the shows. Anyone who missed the Vannila Ice show missed Tito freestyling with Ice on stage during his set. Luckily we got it on video!! make sure to listen to Y 101 in Richmond for the Coppermine show ad,which is tommorrow the 18th.Its ALL AGES too so we should see everyone there.

Thanks for coming out to the show at Twisters last night.Come see Optic and Misguided with us Thursday night at ALLEY KATZ.Contact us soon for tickets to the Vanilla Ice show they are going fast.A new cd is being worked on and should be out by late Spring.

Many shows have been added the band is going on a mini tour with Misguided in March.Also we have an opening spot for The Dave Brokie Experience in 2 weeks in Richmond.Cd's are still at Blue Dog Music and avaliable at shows

DECEMBER 31,2000
We have updated the directions make sure you check it out for info on how to get to the shows.Tito is back in town and the first show of the year will be at Twisters in Richmond. Its all ages so there is no reason for anyone not to be there.

DECEMBER 25,2000

DECEMBER 24,2000
We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas,and thanks all the people who came out to the shows this year making it one of our best.2001 will be a busy one,we are in the works for a new cd that will probably be out by late Spring. Thanks for making it a great year!!

DECEMBER 15,2000
We now have the Vanilla Ice tickets, so whoever wants one can contact us here or if you know one of us give us a call.The show is 18 and up, also tonight is the show in Dale City at Afterdark check the direction link for instructions on how to get there.

DECEMBER 10,2000
We'd like to thank everyone who came to the show in Va Beach on Friday.We will have 1 more show this year at Afterdark in Dale City Va this Friday its 18 and up there is no excuse for people not to be there.Also we will have the Vanilla Ice tickets by that show so anyone who comes can get a ticket from us or contact the band by e-mail to get 1. We have some other shows booked for North Carolina later in January or Feb, stay posted to the site for any changes in the schedule.


Be sure to come to our last show of the year in VA Beach at Lagoons. Also the show at Twisters on the 30th has been rescheduled for the 6th of Jan. Its all ages so there is no excuse for us not to see everyone there!! Go to Blue Dog to pick up a copy of Requiem,ST. DIABLO, and THANATOS. Hey guys Ill be home THURSDAY from Massachusetts talk to you then....JOHN

NOVEMBER 28,2000
We apologize for anyone that showed up to saturday nights show at Chopsticks,as you know there was no show.We got there and there was no P.A. so the show was called off by Optic. A big thanks to all those who came to the Alley Katz show on Sunday.IT MEANS A LOT TO US :) There will be a show in VA Beach on the 8th it will be posted soon.Today we dropped off a batch of cd's at Blue Dog so stop by there and pick up a copy they make great gifts for christmas. Also tell Jay Smack you want to hear more ST DIABLO on Studio B.

NOVEMBER 24,2000
Its been busy recently,come check out one of the last shows of the year at ALLEY KATZ this Sunday its ALL AGES so there is no excuse for people not to be there,CHOCKCHAIN will be opening that night. Our last show of the year will be in VA Beach on December 8th the club and time will be posted soon. Keep e-mailing Jay Smack requesting STD songs,and dont forget about We will be playing more out of state shows in the new year so keep posted to see if we are coming to your town.

NOVEMBER 12,2000
We had a blast up in NY last week.The crowd responce was unbelievable and we made a lot of contacts.Its one of the biggest shows we've played to date 2000+people and also celebrities like Puff Daddy and Ice T were there.Busta Rhymes was the main act and tore up the stage.We came back Friday and on Sat we played in Norfolk to a packed house.The times and other bands will be posted for the 2 shows coming up in Richmond.We have a week off so it will give us time to catch up on cd duplication dont forget to go to Blue Dog to get a copy of the new cd THANATOS.Studio B has been playing us a lot thanks to your e-mails KEEP THEM COMING!!!! On the 3rd we played our first show in Fredericksburg all year and it turns out after the show someone stole the door money...(WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE,WATCH YOUR BACK!!)

The band has been involved in a showcase sponsered by Salem Cigarettes over the past few months.ST. DIABLO ended up winning the music portion and will represent VA at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC on Nov 9th.It also turns out that they will be one of the opening acts for Busta Rhymes that same night.Congradulate the band members when you see them,they worked really hard for this.

OCTOBER 16,2000
The band had a blast playing this weekend in North Carolina with MISGUIDED,YOU GUYS ARE GREAT !!!.Check the link page out for there website. Taj Mahal is coming up this weekend we hope to see everyone there.

OCTOBER 9,2000
If you live in North Carolina,this weekend will be your first chance to see the band perform live the first stop will be on Friday the 13th(location and time posted soon)and the 2nd will be in Jacksonville at Ironworks show starts at 7pm.

The show at the Taj Mahal was great,there was a big turnout for not even playing there before.We hope to see more people next time on the 21st when we open for Mindset and Deist Requiem.A big thanks to Donny Martinez for coming up and jamming with us just like the old days.

We'd like to thank everyone who came to the Nothingface show last night from Fredericksburg,be sure to check out the show this Sunday at Alley Katz.

A big thanks to SAM BROWN for helping us out on bass:) Make sure to check the band out at Mulligans October 23rd for the 2nd part of the Salem Showcase.WE WANT TO SEE EVERYONE THERE. And also this Tuesday at Alley Katz when we open for NOTHINGFACE. CD's are going fast make sure you tell a friend. We are playing shows in North Carolina in October they will be posted soon.

We'd like to thank Mike Zitz for the great review he wrote in this past weeks Weekender. The band will be playing a show at Alley Katz on the 19th opening for NOTHINGFACE we hope to see everyone there.

AUGUST 30,2000
The Salem Cigarette showcase last night was a success we won the music division of the night.We will find out soon whether or not we will procede to the next gathering,it all depends on scores.We will keep you posted.

AUGUST 21,2000
We'd like to thank 15 Minutes of Shame and D-LATA POCKET for playing the show last night at Alley Katz. A special thanks to Sam for helping us out on bass,you don't know how much it means to us.

AUGUST 20,2000
The new CD is now avaliable in fredericksburg at THE BLUE DOG.

AUGUST 13,2000
We'd like to thank everyone that came out Friday night at Jaxx. The new cd will be avaliable at Blue Dog by Friday of this week. Request us on Studio B,and vote on Farmclub.

AUGUST 7,2000
A huge BIGUP!!! goes out to Saturday Session for letting us open for them Friday,you guys are awesome!!! B4U was played on studio B this past Sunday so keep e-mailing Jay Smack,support the local scene. We'd also like to thank Tim for all his help this weekend(it means a lot)

AUGUST 3,2000
We'd like to thank everyone who came to the cd release show.Special thanks to Cutnail and Toque for opening.THANATOS is avaliabloe at shows,check back soon for info on what stores you can purchase it at.We hope to see a lot of people at Three Chopt tommorrow night.

JULY 30,2000
Tonight is the long awaited cd release show at Alley Katz in Richmond. After tonight it should be in select stores within the next week or 2.It depends on how fast we can make copies considering we are doing it ourselves.

JULY 1,2000
The band will be selling tickets starting this week for the July 21st show at JAXX. The band will be opening for SIX FEET UNDER its ALL AGES so get your tickets now. Request songs off of "ST. DIABLO" and THANATOS to XL102 at

JUNE 26,2000
We'd like to thank MR PANE and Wicked Incarnation for playing with us at Alley Katz last night and especially to all the people who came out to make it a great show. XL 102 has been playing new tracks off of the new cd THANATOS so keep up e-mailing the station.

JUNE 17,2000
Thanks too all that came to Orange last night it was a great show. Our new cd has been sent to Jay Smack of XL 102 so you can request songs from it before it comes out. Listen to Studio B Sunday night 7pm and come June 25th to see the band with openers Mr Pane and Wicked Incarnation its ALL Ages so there is no reason not to come!!!

JUNE 3,2000
Come to the Three Chopt Bar and Grill tonight for an all ages show with Presh-Us,D-L-HTA Pocket,and Saturday Sessions.Doors open at 7pm!!!! We will be playing some new stuff including a song with Presh-US,it should be an eventfull night so you better be there!!!!

May 14,2000
We'd like to thank all the people who have e-mailed xl102 and requested our stuff.WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! keep the requests coming.We are sending a copy of the new cd this week to XL102 so youll be able to request and hear songs from THANATOS before it comes out.Check the directions for info on how to get to the Crib in Orange!!!

MAY 1, 2000
Last nights show with D-L-HTA POCKET and Wicked Incarnation at Alley Katz was great.We'd like to thank everyone for coming and making it a great show.THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!!

APRIL 23, 2000
Be sure to e-mail Jay smack at xl 102 to request St DIABLO. There are still tickets left for the Jaxx show with Testament contact us for some

APRIL 12, 2000
We had a great show this past weekend at Tides Inn.A special thanks to Presh-us for all of their support. We are playing a Cultural Fair at VCU this Saturday at 11am,Tito plans to do most of the show in Spanish so come and check out another side of the band.

APRIL 5, 2000
Directions for the VA BEACH show at Tides Inn have been posted.

APRIL 1, 2000

March 24,2000
Plans for a CD release party are being made the location and date will be posted in the near future. The show last Sunday was great at Jaxx and be sure to get a hold of any of the band members for tickets to the upcoming JAXX show in May.

MARCH 5, 2000
Diablo was in the studio this weekend putting the finishing touches on there upcoming release THANATOS. We'd like to thank Jenna Ewing for doing backup vocals on B4U and Jeff Quinones for rapping with Tito. Look for it within a couple months. Dont forget to e-mail Jay Smack at XL102 to request ST DIABLO.

MARCH 1, 2000
The band will be heading back to the studio this weekend to finish there follow-up cd "THANATOS",it should be availiable in late April or early May.

FEBRUARY 28, 2000
We'd like to thank everyone who came to the show last night.A big thanks goes out to Presh-us you guys are great. Twisters is coming up on the 10th so get your fake ID's ready cause its an 18 and up show. Also e-mail to request songs off of our self titled cd.

FEBRUARY 21, 2000
The band will be featured in Thursday's Free Lance Star check it out!!!We'd like to thank Mike Zitz for all his help in supporting us. We have an all ages show coming up this Sunday in Richmond at Alley Katz come check it out.

FEBRUARY 7, 2000
The show on the 5th at In the Mix was great . We'd like to thank Presh-us and all the people who came out to support us. Contact XL 102 to request tracks off of the ST DIABLO cd!

JANUARY 30, 2000
We are sorry to say that tonights show at Alley Katz is cancelled due to the weather. Will will be playing at IN THE MIX in Richmiond this coming Saturday the 5th. For directions to any clubs go to the directions section of this page.

JANUARY 20, 2000
This website is still under heavy constuction and we have been working on getting it back to where it was 6 months ago. The discography,biography,pic,and audio sections will be up very soon. Sorry for the lack of info included right now.

JANUARY 19, 2000
Our upcoming Cd THANATOS is still being worked on and will be out by the Spring. We have a couple shows coming up in Richmond tell your friends about them and come have some fun with us. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Tito is MC'ing W/DEE JAY GEE AT AREA 51 this Sat. Jan 22 WITH 2 SINGED DJ'S ONE FROM THE U.K. NAMED "DJ MONK". IT WILL SELL OUT FOR SURE THAT NIGHT AND TICKETS WILL BE $10 FOR 21 AND UP & $13 FOR 18-20 (NOT ALL AGE , SORRY)ID IS REQUIRED AT THE DOOR AND GOES FROM 10PM- 4AM.Tito and Dee Jay Gee will open the show at 11 pm.

JANUARY 2, 2000
We'd like to thank all the kids that came to the community center new years eve and too all of the bands that played. In the new year we will release another cd, live tape and hopefully a video documentation on what we've done the last 7 years. Cd's are still avaliable at Blue Dog music in Fredericksburg VA.

DECEMBER 23,1999
Sunday nights show at Alley Katz was great we'd like to thank Stepchild and 730 showers for opening. A special thanks goes out to Presh-us for there support that night and we will see you guys soon. Phantasmagoria was a good experience last night(who knew it was a club/vinal store/bar)we hope to play there again soon (thanks goes out to Self enemy for the show). You can still get our cd's at Blue Dog for 6 bones and within the next month they will be availiable in local Richmond stores.Request songs off of our self-titled cd on XL 102.

DECEMBER 13,1999
The show last night at ALLEY KATZ was great.It was our first show with our new bassist BEN WILLIAMS.We'd like to thank ADAM BRAY,ERIC KLIEN,JOHN MCMURRAY,and DAVE O'BRIAN for helping us when we needed someone to fill in on bass.THANKS GUYS!!! The self-titled cd is once again availiable at Blue Dog in fredericksburg.Go there and pick up a copy.

November 14,1999
2 shows coming up next weekend please come and support the bands that are playing.Also listen to XL102 tonight at 7pm for the local radio show studio B,there is a possibility of them playing one of our songs.Regardless people should call up the station and request songs off of our last self titled CD.SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!!

October 27,1999
Check out a review of our 1998 release "ST DIABLO" at When you get there go to the unsigned bands section then click on archives and start searching. The working title for the next CD is Thanatos and it should be out by Christmas of 1999.

October 18,1999
The new cd is finished and sounds great. We are releasing one song "1.8 seconds" on the local compilation cd BORED IN THE BURG coming out soon. The other 6 songs will not be released until later this year.

October 15,1999
We are heading into the studio this weekend to record our next cd. The material from this demo will,at first, only be shopped but will be avaliable in the future. A special thanks goes out to Eric Klein for helping with the webpage,MP3's,CD's and filling in on bass at Orbits a few weeks ago.

October 13,1999
Its been a while since we have updated the page. But we finally have access to do so and have decided to re-do the whole page. It will take a while but we have left up some links to keep you informed on upcoming shows and news.

August 26,1999
Another band Kobrakai has been added to the show on the 3rd.

August 22, 1999
The show on September 3rd will include Magnum Opus and Sore Losers show starts at 6 and its located at the Chancellor Community Center in Spotsylvania. Check tour section for more info.

July 29,1999
Our next show will be on Friday September 3, 1999 at the Chancellor Community Center.Other bands will be there as of this time they are not confirmed.

July 4,1999
Bootleg 2 is almost finished,it will include live performances and demos from 1993-1999. There will also be a video release later this year documenting the past six years.

July 3,1999
Last nights show at the Harrison rd Community Center was great. We'd like to thank Pack 21,Divide By Zero,Kamikaze Escape Plan,Hiroko Sutra for joining us in putting on an awesome show. More shows are being planned so check the tourdates often. CD's are still being sold at Blue Dog along with our 1997 release Requiem so go and pick up a copy of both!

May 30,1999
We had a great turnout at the community center show last weekend we hope to see most of the people that attended at Jaxx on the 6th. More copies of the new CD are available at Blue Dog once again they are going fast and we are working on getting more copies as we speak. More shows locally are being planned so check back often for any updates.

May 11,1999
The acoustic show at orbits Monday night was awesome.Hopefully the band will do more shows like this in the future.Portions of this show will be included on the upcoming Bootleg 2 tape.Planet 7 and Wicked Incarnation will be playing at the Chancellor Community Center show on May 22 1999.

May 5,1999
There are some new show dates in the tour section if you cant see us outside of fredericksburg now is the time. A 2nd pressing of the new CD ST DIABLO is available at Blue Dog, and look for copies of our previous albums at Sam Goody(Spotsy mall)soon!!

May 3,1999
The show at the Underground last Friday with Wicked Incarnation was great. Special thanks to Planet 7 for giving us the show(3 hour notice was enough time)Look for more cd's at Blue Dog soon the first printing sold out but more are being made.Keep an eye out for Wicked Incarnation they are a great band and a cool group of guys.

March 18,1999
The show at the Fredericksburg Academy was great.We'd like to thank Borderline Stupid,Quarter Short and Planet 7 for letting us fill in an empty spot. CD's are going fast get a copy before they are all gone!

March 11,1999
The new CD is now available at Blue Dog music located in Fredericksburg VA.Stop by and get a copy!.

March 6,1999
The new cd ST DIABLO will be availiable next week at Blue Dog music in downtown Fredericksburg VA.Check back for more news and updates.

February 16, 1999
The Jaxx show was awesome. We had a great crowd and we met alot of new people. We hope to be back in Jaxx in another month but for now it's time to focus on some other places. VCU is coming up soon and so is a place called Hole In The Wall so keep your eye on the site for details. Thanks to everyone who came to Jaxx and special thanks to those who bought a CD! Keep it real.

January 28,1999
Show update! At Jaxx on February 14th we will be playing with about 10 other bands. Bring a loved one. $7.00 at the door or ask band members for tickets.

January 21,1999
Plans for another live release is in the works,more details soon.

January 20,1999
Jaxx Show went great. Brazil and Belgium both recieved CD's from us and are giving great reviews. Thanks to everyone who came to the show and supported us by buying our new CD. We'll keep you posted on the next show.Thanks Again!!!!!!

January 12,1999
The first show of the year will be at Jaxx in Springfield on January 17,1999 check tourdates for more info.

December 20,1998
The new self-titled CD is now available at shows for $6.Check the tourdates for the latest show info.

October 17, 1998
There will be a show on Oct. 24th at the Mary Washington Underground with six other bands. Check out the tour section for more info.

September 10, 1998
There have been a couple of changes since we last talked. The first being, that we are now living in Richmond, Virginia. Don't worry though, we will still be coming back to Fredericksburg to play some shows for you. We can't thank you enough for the five years of support you have given us. We will be playing at Twister's in Richmond sometime in November, but as of right now, there isn't a specific date. As soon as it is set, we will let you know. In other news, on the 19th and 20th of September, we will be entering the studio to record a six song EP. In order to get the EP out to everybody, we are talking to Severed Records for the purpose of distribution, and another record label in New York. Well, that's about it for now. Thank you again for your support, and we hope to see you soon.

June 7, 1998
Well here is what's been goin on in the past month..... The National Guard Armory was great, we had alot of fun and got to release our new song, "MA-CHEEN". The new album is in pre production right now as we speak so expect it soon. We are planning on a 10 song LP with alot of different twists and turns. Sure everyone knows that Stronger Still and Red Hairs will be on it but some will be surprised at the other things we will be slapping at ya. Tito was excepted to VCU in Richmond so next time you see him tell him good job on all his hard work and effort. Well that's it for this month make sure ya keep checking back for more new stuff.

May 3rd, 1998
Hey everyone sorry for the long wait but here is the update for May 3rd We just came back from Jaxx in Springfield and even though not that many people showed up...the people that were there made the show great...we had a real good tape recording out of it and who knows..we might release it one day...anyway for those of you on the mailing list we will be sending some stuff out soon so keep checking out the mailbox...this news section will now be updated monthly at least so keep checking back...the single sales went great...we sold over 75% at the single release party and sold the rest the next day....the new LP (that's right LP not EP) will be coming out soon...hopefully by mid to late summer so get your duckets (money) ready...we are hauling are asses up to Buffalo, New York to record and we think your gonna like the new sounds coming out...well that's about it for now...Once again thanks to all our fans for showing up to the gigs and believing in us...we try to put on as good a show for you as you do for us..keep it real
MARCH 21, 1998

There will be a gig on April 5th at the Chancellor Community Center. The live audio tape should be finished by and sold at the show. They should also be available at Sam Goody or Musicland. The live tape will consist of 10 live performances and 2 new studio tracks. It will also include sound bites from shows over the past 5 years. St. Diablo is also working on a live video that will probably be out by late Spring. It should include the history of the band,early show footage,but mainly it will deal with stuff that went on last year. Check the tour section for more information regarding concerts.
FEBRUARY 11, 1998

St. Diablo is currently working on a live tape of shows they have done recently. This tape should be available in March, so be sure to check it out. Also, on the show on the 15th, at Jaxx, St. Diablo goes on at 10pm now, instead of 11pm. See you all there.
JANUARY 27, 1998
On January 23rd, St. Diablo played a successful show to the crowd at The Sports Garden in Garrisonville, with Munch and Mr. Pane. They will probably return in a month or two to put on a show. Mark your calanders for late February.
JANUARY 12, 1998
Saturday, St. Diablo went into Pierce Studios to begin working on their new album. Also, if you need directions to the show on the 23rd, check out the tour section.
JANUARY 8, 1998
A change has been made regarding the gig on the 23rd. Fannycracker is unable to make it, so the band Munch will be there instead. See you there.
DECEMBER 25, 1997
Merry Christmas everybody. Just wanted to give you my present. I'm announcing a new date for a St. Diablo show. On January 23, 1998, at The Sports Garden in Garrisonville;
St. Diablo is playing with Fannycracker and Mr. Pane. There is a $4.00 dollar cover charge and it starts at 8:00 p.m; but the fun won't stop till midnight. Only bad news is, you have to be sixteen or older. Check back with the tour section for more dates to come.
NOVEMBER 22, 1997
St. Diablo is recieving some extra help on the side from their friend Vince, who they've named their Manager. Helping him is Chris Sullivan, a real good friend of the band's, who is now their Production Advisor. They have narrowed down the search for a studio and it looks like we might be going back down to Richmond but a definate decision has not been made yet. The Getaway has been closed down and the three gigs scheduled for December have been cancelled. Please check the tour section for more information.
NOVEMBER 15, 1997
Studios are now being checked out for the recording part of the new St. Diablo release. Hopefully in about a month, a studio will be chosen and they can get to work. A rough outline has already been sketched up for a cover. I think on this new release you will feel a more emotional tie to the songs because they were all written about certain events that took place in the band's lives. This album will have more feeling than any other album they've released and we all hope that everyone can relate to what they have to say.
NOVEMBER 6, 1997
Basically all we are doing with this, is giving you the low down on anything that comes up. St. Diablo is currently getting prepared to enter the studio again, but what they are going to record is yet undecided. They have eight new songs, but they only want to release four at the moment. The upcoming gigs in December are all going to be put on video and audio just in case they see or hear something they like. An idea of a 1997 video has come about for early in 1998. We figure since this year has been one of the best years we've had, why not share it with the fans. Well, untill next time.