Vocals: Tito Quinones
Guitar: Justin Adams
Drums: John Piedel

The St. Diablo Story

St. Diablo formed in the fall of 1993,they started out as a three piece which included Tito(vocals),Kevin Sherman(bass),and John(drums).The main reason for the formation of the group was to perform cover songs at a high school talent show which all three attended. With the additions of Donny Martinez(2nd vocalist)and Jason Kontor(keyboards)original material was being written and it would have been a waste to call it quits after one performance.

St.Diablo played there first show on March 25,1994 in front of over 500 of there peers.The responce was overwhelming and pushed the band to continue to write better songs and improve musically..Throughout the Spring and Summer of 1994 the band played various parties and small clubs.Unfortunately by that fall Donny Martinez left the band to pursue other things.It was now a four piece consisting of bass,drums,vocals,and keyboards.By early 1995 the idea of adding a guitarist was highly considered.A couple were auditioned but none made the final cut.In February of 1995 they met up with Justin Adams another Chancellor student.After a couple of jam sessions he was asked to join.Within the next two weeks they would have played their first show with Justin at the 1995 Talent Show and begin work on there first demo.

Rhythm Lab Produtions, located in Richmond Virginia, was the place where there first demo"My Enemies Friend"was made. The recording of this album was split into two sessions one in March of 1995 and the other in August 1995. Only 100 copies were made due to the fact that the band was doing the duplications on there own. Availability of this first tape is rare but its possible to get a hold of a copy. This tape gave a whole new outlook for the band.

1996 was the year where the band had a multitude of shows in the Northern VA area and really started working on getting the name out. For a short period of time they had Chris Tuebner playing 2nd guitar/backup vocals. They even got an opening spot for the band Jimmy's Chicken Shack that Fall. During the summer they released another demo "In The Hands Of A Higher Power"which included 2 new songs and 4 from the previous demo. By the end of the year it was time to go back to the studio to record the next tape.

"Requiem" was the bands first attempt at making a heavy record. They went to Pierce Studios in Fredericksburg VA from February-April of 97 to record. Crowd favorites such as 524 and Tease were on this tape and a multitude of shows were played thereby giving the band a devoted following.