“The Sovereign Grace of God in Salvation”


By John Roden


Editorial Review and
Product Description

Following the Introduction, the writer begins by giving a comprehensive Biblical definition of the grace of God, with relevant Scripture references and several quotes from famous authors. He then characterizes the grace of God as both awesome and amazing because of its sovereign character and transforming power in the lives of those who truly experience it. The practical fruits of the grace of God in the life of the true believer is a recurring theme throughout the book, particularly set forth in the chapter, "The Evidences of the New Birth." The first section of the book is devoted to explaining why the grace of God is so desperately needed by every human being. The fall of the human race through the sin of the first man Adam as described in Genesis 3 and Romans 5:12-19 is clearly set forth, followed by a detailed exposition of its consequences for both Adam and all his posterity. There are many Scripture quotes and references given. It is a Biblical study of the doctrine of man's total depravity, and is the foundation of all that follows. The rest of the book develops the theme of the sovereign grace of each Person of the triune God in the salvation of lost sinners: sovereign election by God the Father, particular redemption by God the Son, and effectual calling by God the Holy Spirit. A key section of the book is a study of Romans 8:28-30, "God's Unbreakable Chain of Sovereign Grace," which is accompanied by a diagram illustrating this passage, and an appendix which gives an accurate Biblical definition of the foreknowledge of God, essential to properly understanding these verses. The final chapter of the book, titled "The Sovereign Grace of God in Securing Salvation," deals with the controversial subject of the security of the believer, examining it from both the Divine perspective (preservation by the triune God) and from the human perspective (the perseverance of the individual believer).

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