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Sea Of Souls

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The band's debut disc was very well received by critics and especially fans. Heavy, melodic, and powerful, TITANIC set the stage for Sea Of Souls future. Favorable reviews were garnered from Billboard, CMJ, and Gavin. Local radio put the single "Heroine" into rotation and Sea Of Souls established a wide fan base and went on to sell approximately 8000 Titanic CD's. - "We've been playing 'Heroine' regularly for 4 years, and it's a proven winner for us. As a matter of fact, in our most recent 500-song auditorium music test, 'Heroine' received its highest score to date, finishing in the top 10% of all songs tested. That's pretty damn impressive for any song, let alone one that's locally produced. Most important, it sounds great on the air - melodic and powerful." - Harvey Kojan, Program Director FM99 WNOR, Norfolk, Virginia
TITANIC track listing
1. N-Anger 2. Second Hand Bigotry 3. God Money 4. D.L.G. 5. Revolution 6. Locust 7. Dodge City 8. Circling 9. HEROINe 10. Welcome to Reality 11. Elvis Christ 12. Religion
The band's sophomore effort was well received by the Hampton Roads music community. The band sold out the 600 capacity venue, Scully's on the night of the CD's release and went on to sell over 500 discs that night alone! FEED THE MACHINERY shows a slightly new side of Sea Of Souls - these songs have a little less aggressive edge and more sonic depth. - "A band that delivers waves of 90's hard rock. Sea Of Souls doesn't sound like anybody, unlike a lot of the new material coming out these days." - Rob Fiend, Gavin Report (1995)
FEED THE MACHINERY track listing
1. De-sensitized 2. Water 3. Bonefinger 4. Feed the Machinery 5. Railroaded 6. Sick 7. Forsaken 8. Criticize 9. Accusations 10. Blinded 11. Unanswered
Sea Of Souls released this 6-song EP as an offering to their fans who were craving new material. Although the disc contains songs that the band had been performing live for the previous year, the disc sold well and showed further growth from the band. SCARS & DESIGNS featured a more "analog," stripped-down sound which very well mirrored the band's live sound. - "Simply the best unsigned band in America. If record companies are looking for consistent great songwriting in an evolving band, Sea Of Souls must be looking like a flood from a wishing well!" - Veer Magazine
SCARS & DESIGNS track listing
1. Sam 2. You Turned Me Around 3. God's Little Clown 4. Self-Destruct 5. Thorns 6. Fuckless Sam
The most recent CD from Sea Of Souls shows a more modern radio sound emanating from the band. The record was recorded after the band's tour out to California and back, which provided much of the lyrical subject matter. A continued evolution in the band's sound, 181 again showcases the lyrics of Andrew McNeely and the impressive well-knit performance from the other band members. 181 is a disc of powerful pop songs, exploratory and diverse... solid and anchored. - "Sea Of Souls strength lies in its supply of well-written songs, and the nine tracks on 181 show the well is far from dry. This group continues to be the area's best unsigned band." - Jeff Maisey, The Virginian Pilot
1. Mary 2. If I Get Too High 3. General Lee 4. Out of My Wrist 5. Dancing with Insanity 6. Only I 7. Sixty Forty 8. Lifesong 9. Roadside Cross