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The Sexton coat of arms came into existence centuries ago. The process of creating coats of arms (also often called family crests) began in the eight and ninth centuries. The new art of Heraldry made it possible for families and even individual family members to have their very own coat of arms.




Jay and Willie Sexton

Began this page 31st December 1998

SURNAME SEXTON:Is an English occupational name for the Sexton of church maintenance, who also cared for the cemetery and dug the graves. Old English,derived through Old French from Latin Speristanus, when of known Irish origin,it is an anglicized from the Gaelie name of O Seastnain,meaning descendant of Seastnan,whose name is of unknown orgin,Sexten,Sexston,Sexon,Seckerson,Secretan,Saxton, Saxon,are variations,cognate forms inclues Sagreestain,Segrestan,Segreta,Segretain,Segretin,Secretain(French),Sacriste,Sacreste( Provencal),Sacistan (Spanish),Siegrist,Sigrist,Siegerist(German)

Corrections in the Irish spelling for Sexton. Elaine, who is Irish, said in fact that O'Sheasnain for men and NiSheasain for woman was the correct way. Thanks to her so very much.

225. Enoch6 Sexton (Jonathan5, Jonathan4, Charles3, John2, Unknown1) was born Abt. 1815 in Grayson Co., VA. He married Louisa Johnson. She was born Abt. 1825 in Russell Co., VA, and died June 16, 1890 in Russell Co., VA.

1. Unkown Sexton

2. John Sexton

3. Charles Sexton

4. Jonathan Sexton

5. Jonathan Sexton

6. Enoch Sexton

Children of Enoch Sexton and Louisa Johnson are: 795 i. Nancy7 Sexton, born Abt. 1857. 796 ii. Sarah Sexton, born Abt. 1842 in Russell Co., VA. 797 iii. Charles Sexton, born Abt. 1845 in Russell Co., VA. 798 iv. Margaret Sexton, born Abt. 1847 in Russell Co., VA.


Born: abt 1814/1815 Grayson County VA

Died: Russell County VA

Married Louisa (Luesa)Johnson ggGrandmother

Born: abt 1815/1825

Died:16 June 1890 Russell County VA

Nancy Jane Sexton gGrandmother

Born: Russell County VA

Died: ?

Married Unkown Sexton

Born: ?

Died: ?


(above picture left to right-Alex,Grandpa Charles Sexton and Little Bud a son of Alex)

(above picture of Charles Sexton)

Born:1876 Russell County VA

Died:21st December 1945

Married: Maggie Meade 9th November 1899 Grandmother

Born: 1881 Russell County Va

Died: 21st December 1931

Maggie Meade's dad was Henry Nathaniel Meade(The Sexton's gGrandfather) Nathaniel Meade b/27th September 1840 d/1952 (lived to 112 years of age)

Nathaniel at the time he was 104 yrs. of age.

I will take a few lines to write of him.He lived 112 years.I know he bought a car when he was 104 from Craft Motor Company. A salemans J.D. Martin waited on him. Told him he was the oldest customer he had ever had. Nathan married Mary Catherine (the Sexton's G-Grandmother)He also enlisted in the 16th Virginia Cavalry,Company B,19th December 1862, and fought as a Confederate Solider. He drawed two checks,one from the Confederate Veterans Bureau and the other an old age assistance check from the state.His descendants altogether total 165, he is the father of 15 children, 100 grandchildren and 50 ggrandchildren.His grandson,Joe Gaddy,took him to Florida to live his last days. I am told he is buried in Orange City Florida. There was a write up in the Kingsport TN paper about his purchase of the car. He must have bought it in Bristol or Kingsport.His grandson drove him around as much as he could.

Meade line:

John Meade(1)Henry Meade(2)Fielding Lewis Meade(3)Richard Lewis Meade (4)Nathaniel T. Meade(5)Maggie Meade(6)Jay Sexton(7)Lloyd David Sexton Sr.(8)

NATHANIEL T. MEADE son of Richard Lewis Meade, following is the 1850 census from Russell County Court House:Richard L. Meade 39,wife Louititia (Higginbotham) 39,their children:(1)Tabitha Meade 18,(2)Margaret Meade 16,(3)Viving M. Meade 14, (4)William H. Meade 12,(5)Elisabeth Meade 10,(6)Nathaniel Meade 8,(7)Cynthia Meade 6, (8)Jefferson J. Meade 3,(9)Eliza Meade 8mo.There were 2 other children Solomon Orlando Meade and Martha Adaline[both were born in the 1850's why they are not listed is not know]

Children of Charles and Maggie's

left to right

Alex, Tibitha and Jay

1.JAY SEXTON (Jay's name found in Russell County VA census as Elihu/Elijah Sexton) b/4th November 1901 m/Willie Gray- David's parents

2.Nathaniel "Anuel" Fate Sexton b/1920 m/Naomi Jane Ramey

(above picture of Anuel, Naomi, son Danny with little dog Teddy)

(Above picture dated January 2001 is an update of Naomi Sexton and family. Left to right:Donna Jean, Lana Sue (Lana passed aways in 2005), Naomi Ramey Sexton and Ronald Dean Sexton. Danny Michael Sexton was not present. This is the family of Anuel Sexton.)

The above picture is another of Anuel and Naomi Sexton's family. Back: Dean, Peg, Jared. Front: Leah, Courtney, Josiah (grandchildren).

3.Alexander "Alex" Vance Sexton b/18th April 1910 m/1st Polly Honaker m/2nd Gereldine Worth

4.Walter G. Sexton b/6th June 1899 m/Nancy "Nanny" Sutherland


5.Mary Sexton b/1902 m/Albert C. Robinson

(above picture row 1 Tammy,Bruce,Barbara,Gladys-row 2 Elvin,Debbie, Mary(wearing green dress),Gayneil,Utah,Eula Mae-row 3 Mary Lizzie,Clarence,Spicy,Bonny)

(above picture of Mary Sexton, Robinson)

6.Tabitha Mae M. Sexton b/18th September 1900 m/Willie Absent "Bill" Rhea

(above picture of Tabitha and Bill's children left to right-Walter, Bill, Burl, Earl, Sylvia, Lorraine, Bonnie, Denver, Mack, Radfert, John, Hatford and Winfred)

Bill and Tabitha's children. There is so much talent in this family. This band is called "The Rabbit Ridge Pea Pickers". Left to right: Bucky, Denver, Burl and Bill Rhea.

JAY SEXTON-David's Father

Jay served as deputy of Buchanan County under Sheriff Garland Keen in the 1940's

Born:4th November 1901

Died:5th January 1961

Married:Willie GRAY-David's Mother

Picture dated 1953 at Middle Fork Russell County VA, standing beside a 50 model Ford truck belonging to Alex Sexton.left-Willie"Nanny",in front of her,John and Mary,right-Shirley,in front of her, Jim, Charles Sexton and Study Sexton (Charles and Study are Alex's children)

Here is a picture of some men attending the 2005 Sexton reunion. In nameing them I will start with back row and come forward: Jamie Sexton, Roy James Sexton, David Sexton Jr., Donnie Blankenship, Danny McClananhan, Jim Street, Scotty Sexton, Keith Sexton holding grandson Ethan Sexton, David Sexton, John Sexton and Casby Bowman.

This is a picture at the same reunion. Front row sitting:Left to right, Mary Sexton/Street, Juanita Sue Sexton, Shirley Sexton/Bowman. Back row: Left to right, David Sexton, Roy James Sexton, Jimmy Darrell Sexton, Elmer (John) Sexton, Lloyd Keith Sexton. These are the Sexton clan that made it to the gathering.


10 (2 ADOPTED)

(above picture,row1-Juanita, Blanche and David row2-William Jay and Willie "Nanny",picture dated 1938)

1.William Jay Sexton b/5th March 1924 d/9th January 1939(lived 14 yrs.10 months)

(William Jay)

2.Samuel Lee Sexton b/31st December 1925 d/25th July 1986 m/Zulene (Sue) Driggers

(Sam and Sue)

3.Juanita Sue Sexton b/10th February 1928. Died October 17 2012 in a nursing home in Florida.


4.Joe Robert Sexton b/3rd September 1929 d/23rd September 1929(lived 20 days)

5.Audrey Blanche Sexton b/13th January 1932 d/08 November 2008 m/W.W.(Babe)Dellinger (deceased) Blanche and Babe are buried in the Lebanon Cemtery.

(above picture left to right William Earl,W.W."Hoot" Jr.,Blanche,Dianna)

6.Lloyd David Sexton b/10th February 1935 died October 26,2010 m/Sharon Fontell (Fon) Owens

(David and Fon)

This picture of David and Fon is the one use for their 50th wedding anniversary on June 09, 2006.

This picture has the newest twigs on the Sexton tree. Andera and twin girls, Keisha and Aleyah. ggrandchildren of David and Fon Sexton.

7.Shirley Mae Sexton b/6th August 1940 m/Casby Glenn Bowman

(above picture row1-Casby,Shirley,Rhonda row2-Keith,Darrell and David Glenn)

8.Elmer Eugene(John)Sexton b/13th October 1943 died June 30, 2010 m/Marie Hackeny

(above picture Elmer "John" family-front, Melinda,Marie,Johnathan, Charles and John)

Above picture of Charles Lee Sexton and Johnathan Eugene Sexton all grown up.

9.Roy James(Jim)Sexton b/12th June 1945 died November 24, 2013 m/1st Janice(Ginger) Stacy 2nd Rosella Margaret Yates

(above Jim )

10.Mary Ellen Sexton b/20th January 1947 m/Jimmy Street

(above Mary and Jimmy Street)

11.Lloyd Keith Sexton(adopted)b/17th August 1958 m/Donna Yates

(Keith,picture dated 1968)

12.Jimmy Darrell Sexton(adopted)b/16th October 1959 died October 12, 2013 m/Deborah J. Yates (deceased)

(Darrell,picture dated 1969)

This is Belle when the Sextons lived in the Dillard Hollow

This is Belles with her flock of turkeys.


Born:7th January 1875

Died:9th February 1957

(Russell County census has Belle born October 20, 1879, she never helt to that date)

Lousia Belle Sexton,made her home with Willie and Jay from 1929 until her death. She was like a second mother to the Sexton children. They wanted her included in their family.

(above picture of General George Washington Sexton, 3 daughters, Lina,Maudie and Josie. General was a brother of Charles Sexton. General and Charles married Meade sisters,General married Tabitha while Charles married Maggie)

(above picture of Nathan and Ora Jack Sexton, sons of General and Tabitha)

If I have written anything in error, please let me know. If you have information to add just e-mail. I have other information on these famlies.

lasted updated 25 November 2008.

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