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Rasnake Cemetery



Located off Route 602 at Bee VA. It's the second graveled road on the left as one travels up 602 from route 80. The cemetery is on the hill behind the site of the old homeplace of Tom and Sarah Barton Rasnake. There is a road that leads up to the cemetery. Turn right across a small wooden bridge in front of the home of Hadley and Ruth Rasnake. Stay to the left. the road is uphill, not paved, nor graveled and is very NARROW, rather rocky, bumpy and with resent rains, has gullied this year (2001). One can access with a 4WD, or on foot. The cemetery is the second path up the hill on the right. There is no fence around it, and some of Aunt Ada's children are able to take care of it. They mow and clean it very nicely. The graves are listed as you enter the graveyard.(documented 8 September 2001 by my cousin and her son)

1.Jamie Dean Yates

1962 - 1965

2.Emory Ball

April 9, 1928 - July 8, 1963

3.Bascom Slemp Griffey

May 22, 1919 - March 22, 1970

4.Baby Childress


5.Danny Joe Childress

March 11, 1939 - November 11, 1962

6.(double headstones)Childress

Joe T.

1911 - 1966

7.Ada R.

april 12, 1918 died decemeber 7, 2013

8.Sarah E. Rasnake (grandma)

April 14, 1878 - March 24, 1961

9.Thomas Rasnake (grandpa)

February 5, 1873 - December 16, 1966

headstones, pictured below

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