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Tom and Sarah Rasnake

Began this page 24th March 1999

SURNAME RASNAKE: German-spelling Rasnake,Rasnic,Ranick,Raresnack,Rarenik and Revernuck was the first Rasnack having come over from Germany and spelling of his name was later changed to various others. Chances are you are a descendent of the first. Who chose to foresake his homeland for a new freedom in a new world.

JACOB RASNAKE SR. ggggGrandfather

Born:abt/1749 Watzendorf Germany

Died:1826 Glade Hollow, Russell County VA

Above is a signature of Jacob Rasnake in his own hand. Thanks to a cousin for this. Jacob wrote his German name "Johann Ruhrsehneck". I believe that is how his last name is here.

The above headstone of Jacob Rasnake Sr. in Glade Hollow

This picture is of my first cousin Carmel Rasnake, son of Tivis (Doc) Rasnake, he was in Germany and close to the town Watzendorf. He took time to visit and make pictures. Glad he did, I feel we are even closer to our family heritage. A picture tells alot of where someone is from. Carmel said the area around this little town was so much like Russell County where Jacob came to.

Jacob was from Germany,18 years old, was then captured and brought to America. Captured again in the war of Saratoga 1777, held as prisoner of war.He is buried at Glade Hollow,Russell County VA

Married:Mary(Mollie)Counts ggggGrandmother


Died:1834 Russell County VA

JACOB RASNAKE JR. gggGrandfather

Born:1788 in Shenandoah County VA

Died:1865 in Russell County VA

Married:Judith Finney gggGrandmother



GEORGE RASNAKE ggGrandfather

Born:22nd February 1817

Died:16th September 1897

Married:Nancy Wallis ggGrandmother




Great-Grandpa Jacob William Rasnake and three grandchildren.The girl with the long hair is Myrtle and the two babies are twins Campbell Arnold Rasnake and Clarence Arthur Rasnake. They are the children of Sylvester "Vess" and Sophia Rasnake.

Jacob William Rasnake-Civil War Soldier, 1880 census of Russell County VA shows as follows: Rasnake, Jacob William Cob. 2nd VSL Co E, 21st VA E 3-28-1863. Collelys Co, CPBE: 3-28-1863. Son of George and Nancy (Wallis) Rasnake. Husband of Leah B. Stephens. (Leah was d/o Thomas and Martha Stephens).Jacob was also a preacher. Some called him Will Rasnake.Jacob and Leah are both buried in P.S.Rasnake Cemetery on Sandy Ridge VA on Route 621.

Born:19th September 1839

Died:25th December 1924

Married: Leah Stephens/Stevens,Rasnake on 17th January 1861 in Russell County VA gGrandmother

Born:17th September 1839

Died:19th March 1907


1.Rachel Rasnake b/1st May 1862 m/James (Black Jim) Rasnake

2.Thomas Jefferson Rasnake b/5th February 1873 m/Sarah Emily Barton-My Grandparents

Below is a picture of Tom and Sarah with 5 of their childern.

Tom and Sarah Barton Rasnake with 5 of their 15 Children, 5 having died in infancy. The couple was Married May 25, 1892 in Dickenson county and were members of the Duty View Primitive Baptist Church where Tom served as a deacon for a number of years. From left Ada Rasnake Childress, Floyd Rasnake, Tom, Clyde Rasnake, Sarah, Tivis (Doc) Rasnake and Jim Rasnake. Ada, the last sibling passed away December 7 2013 she was 95 years young.

3.Pleasant Sylvester (vess) Rasnake b/2nd September 1870 m/1st Sophia Ellen Musick 2nd Henrietta Osborne

Vess and Jonas Cole Rasnake

4.Jonas Cole Rasnake b/3rd January 1875 m/Mary Ann Presley

Above is a picture of Jonas Cole Rasnake's Family and some friends. From left to right: ?,?,?, Mary Ann Presley , ?,? , Kathleen Presley, mother Delphy Irene Harrison, Delphy Presley, ?, Dr. Joseph Walter Presley Photo about 1921. Please if you know any of the other names in this photo let me know by e-mail from this web site.

5.George Washington Rasnake b/4th February 1878 m/1st Mary Belle Barton 2nd Nora Whittaker

6.Martha Rasnake b/26th April 1864 m/Dave Musick

7.Robert Lilbern Rasnake b/13rd September 1866 m/Mary Ann Musick

8.Mary C. Rasnake b/6th June 1884

Jacob William Rasnake m/2nd Mary Coleman (no record of children)


Born:5th February 1873(in Knox County KY)

His family started for Sandy Ridge VA when he was 9 days old. Took 2 weeks of travel by horse and wagon.

Died:16th December 1966

Married:Sarah Emiley Barton

Born:14th April 1878

Died:24th March 1961

Grandpa Tom and Granny Sarah are buried on the top of the mountain from the old home place on Indian Creek, Bee,VA

Below is a picture taken in the 1930's, showing some of Tom and Sarah's children of those times

front row:left to right, Tivis(Doc)Rasnake, Nora Rasnake, Bethal Duty(friend), Clyde Rasnake-back row:left to right, Ada Rasnake, Martha Duty(friend), Dock Gibson(nephew,son of their sister Susie), John Lambert(friend)


1.Clyde Rasnake m/Leona Pearl Boyd

(above picture of Clyde and family) left to right,row1-Loretta, Pearl, Clyde, Hershel, row2-Scotty, Leon, Mozell, Harmon, Willetta, Shirley and Hadley

This is an update of Clydes family. Looks like the whole clan turned out. It was a celebration of Aunt Pearl's birthday. I can't name all of them, but I bet you can see Aunt Pearl in her chair. Happy Day

2.Nora Belle Rasnake born march 13, 1913 died july 18, 2000 m/Donald Douglas Owens born january 6,1911 died april 21, 1976 my parents

(above picture of Donald and Nora)

3.Ada Ruth Rasnake dob april 12, 1918 died decemeber 7, 2013 m/Joe Childress

(above Joe and Ada Childress)

4.Tivis (Doc) Rasnake dob dec. 22, 1910 died feb. 20, 2004 m/ Hattie Sullivan dob feb.15, 1915 died june 9, 1996

(above Uncle Doc)

5.Susie Catherine Rasnake m/1st Beauregard G. Gibson 2nd Robert Lee Street

(above Aunt Susie)

6.Abraham Holland Rasnake died July 3, 1976 m/Maudie Mae Street died August 11, 1977

(above Uncle Holland and Aunt Maudie)

7.James Willam(Jim)Rasnake died March 18,1975 m/1st Hazel O'Quinn (Deel) 2nd Fannie Davis

(above Uncle Jim Rasnake)

8.Ira Rasnake died November 2, 1948 m/Sarah Ercil Sykes

(above Uncle Ira and Aunt Ercil)

This picture was sent to me by Sara (Rasnake) Devlin of Paris, France. She is the daughter of Monroe Rasnake.

9.Annie Rasnake m/Robert Lee Stevens

The above picture is of Aunt Annie and uncle Bob. Children: L to R, Edgar and Mona.

10.George Washington Rasnake(lived 9 months)

11.Thomas Jefferson Rasnake(lived 8 months)

12.Elbert Floyd Rasnake m/Laura Mona Arrington

(above Uncle floyd rasnake)

13.Cecil Beauregard Rasnake (lived 6 months)

14.Johnnie Rasnake (stillborn)




1.Pearlie Viola Owens born august 1933 m/George Ramsey born died March 1966


a. Ernest Michael Cole born February 1, 1951 married august 4, 1972/ Barbra Carol Cole born September 6, 1948


a. Kelly Sean Brennan born October 11, 1968 m/ Laura Lynn Click born February 1,


a. Daniell Click born February

2.Carson Edward Owens b/28th August 1935 d/6th October 1935 buried in Henry Sutherland/Rufus Owens Cemetery Duty VA (died of crib death)

3.Sharon Fontell Owens born June 9 1938 died April 2009 m/ 9th June 1956/Lloyd David Sexton born died October 2010


a.Jama Davene Sexton b/2nd February 1957 died December 2015 m/ Danny McClanahan


a.Laura Danielle McClananhan b/27th April 1988 m/ Hud born divorced

b.Andrea Davene McClananhan b/20th March 1991 m/







b. Lloyd David Jr. born m/Alesha Waterhouse born (divorced 2003)


a.Sharon Renee b/26th July 1985 m/ Grundy born

b.Sarah Marie b/12th January 1990 m/

4.Fred Wilkie Owens born November 3, 1942 m/Ruby Yates born September


a. Antony Dewayne Owens born November 1, 1963 m/

b. Kevin Owens born m/ Linda born


a. Casara Owens born

b. Hunter Owens born

c. Owens born

Please e-mail if you have additional information.Or if I have wrote in error. Written to the best of my research, Sharon Fontell (Fon) Owens, Sexton.

updated 18 November 2006

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