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According to Patrick Woulfe, the best authority on the subject of Irish names and surnames, in his work, Midheac (prounounced Mee-ach) which, in the mutations of time, became Miache, Miagh, Myah, Meagh and finally Mead/Meade. Midheac means "The Meathman", i.e., a native of or in someway connected with County Meath, Ireland. Mr. Woulfe decribes them as merchant families who settled at an early period in Cork, Limrick and Kerry. Col. Andrew Meade of Ballintober, County Cork, Ireland came over to America about 1685, and was the ancestor of our family of Virginia Meades. Tradition states that he went first to London and thence came to New York, where he married Mary Latham of Quaker parentage of Flushing, Long Island. About five years afterwards he moved his family to Virginia and settled in Nansemond County, where he became conspicuous and prosperous. He was engaged in trade with the Indians up the Roanoke River, in Virginia and North Carolina and also in the lumber trade, becoming a man of wealth. He built a handsome family mansion and storehouse. The mansion stood on an eminence just back of the town of Suffolk, and had an avenue of trees, which led from it to the church in Suffolk, of which he was a vestryman, the first vestry book of the Upper Parish of Suffolk, in Nansemond County Virginia begins with its first record of a meeting on 13th November 1743 when there were present Col. Andrew Meade, Daniel Pugh and others. "-from" "Andrew Meade of Ireland and Virginia" by P. Hamilton Baskervill. A. M. (U. of VA)-Old Dominion Press, Richmond, Virginia 1921.

Our Mead/Meade line begins at John Meade (the earliest I could find, nothing is guaranteed and any help is appreciated)

Below, Russell County VA 1899 marriages of Sexton and Meads/Meades


Russell County VA 1880 06/Nov/1880 George Sexton Cinthia Jane Fields 27 19 S S Russell Co. Russell Co. Charles W. & Matilda Sexton Rebecca Fields J. T. Frazier

Russell County 1881 16/Aug/1881 Franklin Fields Phebe Sexton 18 18 S S Russell Co. Russell Co. Boswell & Sarah Fields Charles W. & Matilda Sexton

Russell County Va 1881 24/May/1881 Lafayett Sexton Lucinda Fields 26 20 S S Russell Co. Russell Co. C. W. & Matilda Sexton M. C. Ingram

Russell County VA 1882 14/Aug/1882 Tivis Minton Mary Meade 21 16 S S Russell Co. Russell Co. Phillip & Catharine Minton Nathan T. & Catharine Meade J. H. Johnson






As near as I can tell Fielding Lewis Meade, born 1782 and Thomas Mack, born 1810 were half brothers.

John Meade b.1614 in Cork father of Andrew Meade b. 1655 in County cork/Kerry Ireland.

Andrew Meade b.1655 M. Mary Latham and had David Meade b. 1710.

David Meade m. Susanna Everard and had Anne b.1731, Mary b. 1735, Thomas abt. 1737, Robert, b.abt.1743, David b.1744, Richard (Col) Kidder Meade b. 1746, General Everard Meade b. 1748, Andrew Meade b. 1753, John Meade b. 1755.

Thomas Meade m. Johanes Cuntze and had Henry Meade b. 1760.

Henry Meade m. his second wife Joanna Elizabeth Dickenson in 1772, and had Thomas Mack Meade b. 1810.

Thomas Mack Meade first m. Elizabeth and had Thomas Jefferson Meade b. 1836.

Thomas Jefferson Meade and second wife, Mary Elizabeth Harvey and had Charles H. Mead b. 1864.

Charles H. Meade m. Sarah Carty and had John Henry Meade b. 1897 he was the youngest of 7 children.

John Henry m. Lillie Butler and had 5 children who survived, one was my mother, Willie Jim Meade b.1923

Willie Jim m. Alton Snyder when she was 16 years old and had Inetha Snyder b. 1940.

Inetha m. James Roberts and had Ronald Dee Roberts b. 1961 and James Bret b. 1971

James Bret m. Janetta Craine and had Jaycee Janette b. 1991 and James Tell b. 1994. (Written by Inetha)

1st know generation John Meade, John arrieved in Hanover County Virginia. Church records show John Meade as a processioner of land in Hanover County Virginia as late as 1771, when he is noted as deceased. There was and older Minor Meade, too, obviously kin to both Thomas and Henry, who passed the name on to their children. Thomas Meade had siblings, William Meade, Thornton Meade and Minor Meade. It is thought that these Meades came to USA from Kerry County Ireland as posted by Gary Douglas Meade. John fathered 3 sons, Henry, Thornton and William. (Thomas also is listed with sons by the same name)

2nd know generation Henry Meade b/1 July 1760 Louisa County VA d/1832 Russell County VA m/1st Frances (Franis) Young on 3 May 1781 a Rev. William Douglas performed the ceremony, Frances b/1762 Halifax County VA d/o Leonard and Ann Young. Leonard d/12 December 1785 (date of will as read in Louisa County VA)Henry and his brother William settled in Russell County Virginia, part of which became Wise County Virginia.

Children of Henry and Frances

1. Fielding Lewis Meade b/4 April 1782 Goochland County VA d/29 September 1841 Carterton VA, Russell County VA m/Mary Thaker d/o Nathan Thaker and Mary Henson Thacker

2. John Wesley Meade b/abt.1785

3.Viving Meade b/abt. 1787 Lousia County VA

4.Martha "Patty" Meade b/abt. 1788 Lousia County VA

5.William Meade b/abt. 1790

Henry Meade married 2nd/Joanna Elizabeth Dickenson on 09 April 1798 she was b/19 March 1772

Children of Henry and Elizabeth

1.Susanna Meade b/26 August 1801 Lousia County VA

2. Henry Minor Meade b/28 August 1805 Russell County VA

3. Thomas Mark Meade b/15 September 1810

3rd known generation Fielding Lewis Meade b/4th April 1782 Goochland County VA d/1841 Carterton Russell County VA. Occ/farmer res/Goochland County VA and Russell County VA m/Mary Thacker 24th July 1809 St. James Northam Parish, Louisa County VA, Mary b/1785 Louisa County VA d/? Carterton Russell County VA

Children of Fielding and Mary

1. Richard Lewis Meade b/abt.1811 Louisa County VA

2. Viving M. Meade b/19th April 1818 Russell County VA 1850 Russell County VA census show Viving M. Meade age 34 m/Tabitha Higginbotham age 34 d/o Moses Higginbotham and Elizabeth Fairies. Viving and Tabitha's children: Mary Meade age 11, John M. Meade age 10, Loutitia Meade age 6, Richard L. Meade age 8, Zachary T. ? (did not list as Meade or any surname or age)

3. Nathan Thacker Meade b/December 1821 Russell County VA d/1901 m/Mary Elizabeth Jessie b/1822 d/1902 d/o Martin Jessie and Jane Price. Nathan and Mary's children: Vivian M. Meade, Martha D. Meade m/Jacob Cooper, Henry G. Meade m/Elizabeth Hicks, Nancy Meade m/Philip Minton, Richard Meade m/Lethia Higgenbothman, Jefferson Davis Meade b/1861 d/1937 m/Martha Francis (Mattie) Castle b/1865 d/1956

4. Henry R. Meade b/1813 d/? m/Elizabeth Hicks d/o Charles Hicks and Rebecca Gibson ref.VA WVA 1850 Russell County VA census show Henry R. Meade and Elizabeth children: Fielding H. Meade age 13, Richard Meade age 10, William R. Meade age 8, Thomas C. Meade age 6, Henry Meade age 4, Margaret Meade age 3, Christopher Meade age 1.

4th known generation

Richard Lewis Meade b/abt.1811 Louisa County VA d/bef.1880 Russell County VA occ/farmer res/Louisa and Russell County VA. His father Fielding owned property in Russell County when he died. Richard was the administrator of his estate (48895) m/1st Laticia (Loutitia) or (Luticia) Higginbotham in Russell County VA d/o Nathan Higginbotham and Mary ??? m/2nd Elizabeth Kiser (I have no dates, no children from this marriage)

Children of Richard Lewis Meade and Laticia

1. Tabitha Meade b/2nd June 1833 Russell County VA occ/seamstress d/? m/John P. Dickerson (Dickenson) 17th September 1870 Russell County VA

2. Margaret Meade b/1834 Russell County VA d/? m/1st James Baker (no children) m/2nd Elihu Kiser Jessee 21st January 1858 Russell County VA children:Perlina/Paulina G. Jessee, Samuel Jessee, Lonise Jessee, Levina Jessee, Rebecca Jessee (more about Rebecca Jessee b/February 1881 Russell County VA d/? Rebecca Jessee ia only a possible daughter, may have also been a granddaughter m/Henry Floyd Meade, if Rebecca was a daughter of Margaret Meade and Elihu Jessee, she would have married her first cousin Henry Floyd Meade s/o Jefferson Jessee Meade and Mary Jane Couch) children of Rebecca and Henry: Carter Meade, Dewey Meade, Leonard Ballard Meade, Frank Meade, Orphie K. Meade.

3. Viving (Vivon) Powell Meade b/December 1836 Russell County VA occ/CSA-Co 72 Virginia Militia of Russell County VA res/Russell County VA and Carter County KY. d/Carter County KY. Viving was a veteran of the Civil War, serving in Company 72 VA Militia Russell County VA. After service of the Civil War, serving in Company 72 VA Militia Russell County VA. After service, he moved to Carter County KY m/Sari Emay Henrietta Strother 5th October 1870 Carter County KY. Children: Ethel Deborah Lausanne Meade, John Strother Meade, Annie Meade, Gus Meade.

4. Elizabeth Meade b/22nd December 1838 d/20th May 1918 Carter County KY. Elizabeth and Francis moved to Carter County KY in 1863 and lived at Upper Trough Camp "Our Meade Family of Southwest Virginia" by John R. Wallace Diskette. Elizabeth m/Francis Marion Kiser 17th June 1858 Russell County VA. Children: Henry Kiser, William Kiser, Rachel Catherine Kiser, Richard Kiser, Grant Kiser, Mary Kiser, Abednego Kiser, Virginia Lawson Kiser, Fletcher Kiser, Thomas Kiser, Dicia Kiser

5. Nathaniel T. Meade b/27th September 1840(more on Nathaniel written below along with picture)

6. William Henry Meade b/27th September 1840(making Nathaniel and William twins, as far as I can find)d/1894 Russell County VA, he lived in Carter County KY according to 1880 KY census, the family lived at Precinct #5 m/in Russell County VA after the Civil War and moved to Carter County KY with father in-law, Noah Kiser and Noah's family. m/Elizabeth Kiser in Russell County VA. Children:Sarah Meade, Jennie Meade, Boadicia Meade, Walter Monroe Meade, Mary Meade, Thomas Jefferson Meade, Richard Meade.

7. Cynthia Meade b/1842 or 1846 in Russell County VA d/? Russell County VA m/Thomas Phillips, Thomas b/abt.1846 d/?

8. Jefferson Jessee Meade b/1847 Russell County VA d/1925 Russell County VA occ/ farmer res/Russell County VA m/Mary Jane Couch 17th August 1869 Russell County VA, Mary b/1844 Russell County VA d/1921. Children: Elihu Kiser Meade, Margaret Meade, Milburn Meade, William S. Meade, Ida Meade, Solomon Meade, James W. Meade, Jeremiah Hampton Meade, Henry Floyd Meade.

9. Eliza A. Meade b/1850 Russell County VA d/19th February 1881 Russell County VA m/J. L. Williams 5th January 1866

10. Martha Adaline Meade b/1852 Russell County VA d/? Russell County VA m/William Charles Hughes 13th January 1876 Russell County VA, William b/1851 d/? rs/Russell County VA children: William Hughes

11. Solomon Orlando Meade b/30th November 1854 Russell County VA d/1940 Wise County VA. He was the youngest child of Richard and Lautintia. He was born in Russell County VA but, by the time of his second marriage, he had moved his family to Wise County VA where he settled at Bold Camp. He and his wife Stella bought and sold property around Bold Camp, and donated some property to the church at Bold Camp. Solomon was a deacon of that church as well. 2nd wife was Martha b/1881 Scott County VA CVR Dixie and Bonnie are only possible children. m/1st Louisa L. Couch 3rd January 1876 Scott County VA. Children: Walter (Dubby) Meade, Rausie Meade (Rausie Meade m/Charles T. Meade 21st January 1900 Wise County VA, their children: Arthur Meade,Acie Meade,Dewey Meade,Flossie Meade, Cossie Meade,Ora Meade), Virginia Meade, Houston Meade, Lonnie Meade. m/2nd Martha Jane Lane 16th April 1913, Bold Camp, Pound, Wise County VA. Children:Charlie Meade, Dixie Meade, Bonnie Meade.

5th known generation

Nathaniel T. Meade b/27th September 1840 Russell County d/1953 Orange City FL occ/farmer res/Russell County VA, Scott County VA and Orange City FL m/Catherine Pigman Elliott on 16th January 1868 (he was 25 years old and Catherine was 16 years old when they married)Catherine b/abt.1835 Pittsylvania County VA, lived in Scott County VA and Orange City FL. Nathaniel and Catherine first set up their home in Scott County VA around Nickelsville VA. He worked as a farmhand. Over the years, they saved enought to buy a small farm in Russell County VA, possibly near his father,as they were living there in 1900. By 1952, at the time of his death, they were living in Orange City Fl they both are buried there (Catherine is listed as an Elliott in "The Heritage of Russell County 1786-1986" Volume 1).

Nathaniel at age 104

I will take a few lines to write of him. He lived 112 years. I know he bought a car when he was 104 from Craft Motor Company. A saleman J.D. Martin waited on him. Told him he was the oldest customer he had ever had. Nathaniel married Catherine (the Sexton's G-Grandmother) he also enlisted in the 16th Virginia Cavalry, Company B, 19th December 1862, and fought as a Confederate Solider. He drawed two checks, one from the the Confederate Veterans Bureau and the other an old age assistance check from the state. His descendants altogether total 165. He was the father of 15 children, 100 grandchildren and 50 ggrandchildren. His grandson Joe Gaddy, took him to Florida to live his last days. I am told he is buried in Orange City Florida. There was a write up in the Kingsport TN paper about his purchase of the car. He must have bought it in Bristol or Kingsport TN. His grandson drove him around as much as he could.

NATHANIEL T. MEADE son of Richard Lewis Meade, following is the 1850 census from Russell County VA Court House: Richard L. Meade 39, wife Louititia (Higginbotham) 39, their children:Tabitha Meade 18,Margaret Meade 16,Viving M. Meade 14,William H. Meade 12,Elisabeth Meade 10,Nathaniel Meade 8,Cynthia Meade 6, Jefferson J. Meade 3, Eliza Meade 8mos.. There were 2 other children Solomon Orlando Meade and Martha Adaline Meade (both were born in the 1850's why they are not listed is not know)

(above picture:Front row, Mary Ellen, Nathaniel, Catherine, Frances and Richard. Back row, Tabitha, Dora, Sallie and Maggie)

Children of Nathaniel and Catherine Meade:

1. Letitia (Lautitia) Meade b/28th December 1868

2. Mary Ellen Meade

3. Frances (Aunt Frank) Meade

4. Icidoe Dora Meade

5. Tabitha Meade b/1874 Russell County VA

6. Sarah Meade

7. Bessie Meade

8. MAGGIE MEADE b/1881 (David's gGrandmother)

9. Richard C. Meade b/1879

10. John J. Meade b/1880

11. Lula Meade (daughter he lived with when he died)

12. Bash Meade

13. Sally Meade

(all told there were 13 girls,this is all I could find, 11 girls and 2 boys)

6th known generation

Maggie Meade b/1883 d/21st December 1931 m/Charles L.J.W. Sexton on the 7th November 1899. Charles b/1876 d/21st December 1945 (according to family members he died of locked bowels, he was living with a son, Alex Sexton, at Wilder VA and is buried in the Meade Cemetery there in Russell County VA)this is the grandparents of our Meade and Sexton line. Recorded in Russell County Courthouse: C. W. Sexton m. Maggie Meade-C. W. age 23yrs. Maggie age 18yrs.-Both were single, both were born in Russell County VA, place of residence: Russell County VA for both. Name of parents: C. W., father ?? Mother: Nancy Sexton. Name of parents: Maggie, father N. T., mother: Catherine Meade. Occupation: farmer. Name of person performing marriage ceremony: Jasper Skeen. Found in Book 2 page 118 line 156. Dated 7th November 1899.(other places he is listed as Charles W.J.L. Sexton)I have documents for all this and the dates match.

Children of Charles and Maggie Meade Sexton

1. Walter G. Sexton b/6th June 1899

2. Tabitha Mae M. Sexton b/18th September 1900 d/20th November 1970

3. Jay (Lihue Debust, He later added Jay to his birth certificate and was called Jay until death.) Sexton b/4th November 1901 d/5th January 1960

L-R Mattie, Nanny(married Jay Sexton), (Nanny and Jay's children) John, Blanche, Juanita, Shirley and David. (little girl in green is Heather, a ggrandchild)

4. Mary Sexton b/1902 d/??

5. Alexander "Alex" Vance Sexton b/18th April 1910 d/28th October 1973

6. Nathaniel Fate "Annual" Sexton b/1920 d/14th February 1981

7th known generation

Jay (Lihue Debust) Sexton b/4th November 1901 Russell County VA d/5th January 1960 Buchanan County VA m/Willie Gray of Pike County KY on 19th April 1923. Willie b/22nd November 1906 Pike County KY d/26th October 1992 Buchanan County VA.

Copied from marriage certificate:

Jay Sexton of Lynchfield VA (I'm sure it should read Clinchfield VA, as that was Jay's home at the time)Marriage to Willie Gray

Dated 19th April 1923

J. G. Wright, minister First Methodist Church

J. G. Wright performed ceremony, witnesses:Mrs. Spicy Robinson, Mrs. Mary Wright and Stallard Wright.

Willie Gray of Pikeville KY, State of KY at the residence of J. G. Wright 19th April 1923.(copied)

(above picture are 4 son's of Jay and Willie-front row:Sam and David, back row:Jim and John)

Children of Jay and Willie Sexton

1.William Jay Sexton b/5th March 1924 Pike County KY d/9th January 1939 Russell County VA (died of heart mummer)

2.Samuel Lee Sexton b/31st December 1925 Pike County KY d/25th July 1986 (died of cancer) Lake County Fl, Eustis Fl.

3.Juanita Sue Sexton b/10th February 1928 Russell County VA(living)She was the first born in Russell County VA.

4.Joe Robert Sexton b/3rd September 1929 Russell County VA d/23rd September 1929 (died of crib death) Russell County VA

5.Audrey Blanche Sexton b/13th January 1932 Russell County VA(living)

6.Lloyd David Sexton b/10th February 1935 Buchanan County VA (living)He was the first born in Buchanan County VA.

7.Shirley Mae Sexton b/6th August 1940 Buchanan County VA(living)

8.Elmer Eugene (John)Sexton b/13th October 1943 Buchanan County VA (living)

9.Roy James (Jim) Sexton b/12th June 1945 Buchanan County VA(living)

10.Mary Ellen Sexton b/20th January 1947 Buchanan County VA(living)

11.Lloyd Keith Sexton(adopted grandson)b/17th August 1958 Tazewell County VA Hospital (living)

12.Jimmy Darrell Sexton(adopted grandson)b/16th October 1959 Tazewell VA Hospital (living)

8th known generation

Lloyd David Sexton b/10th February 1935 m/Sharon Fontell Owens on 9th June 1956 Buchanan County VA

Children of David and Fon

1.Jama Davene Sexton b/2nd February 1957 Tazewell County VA Hospital.(living)

2.Lloyd David Sexton Jr.b/17th October 1962 Orange County FL, Orlanda FL. Orange County Memorial Hospital.(living)

9th known generations

Jama Sexton b/2nd February 1957 m/Danny McClanahan on 17th November 1978

Children of Jama and Danny (10th generation)

1.Laura Danielle McClanahan b/27th April 1988

2.Andrea Davene McClanahan b/20th March 1991

Lloyd David Sexton Jr. b/17th October 1962 m/Alesha Waterhouse on 1st July 1983 (Divorced June 2003)

Children of Dave and Alesha (10th generation)

1.Sharon Renee Sexton b/26th July 1985

2.Sarah Marie Sexton b/12th January 1990

Please e-mail if you have additional information.Or if I have wrote in error. Written to the best of my research, Sharon Fontell(Fon)Owens,Sexton.

updated June 19, 2006

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