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'Old Sayings and Mountain Lore'

Many superstitious and mountain tale's were told as I was growing up. I have listed a few. See if you can remember hearing any of them.

1.Never open an umbrella in the house, it was said to be bad luck.

2.Never spill milk or the cow would go dry

3.Keep your fingers crossed when you tell a story, so you wouldn't get in trouble.

4.Never tell a bad dream before breakfast, it will come true.

5.Always throw salt over your left shoulder if you supect a witch has visited

6.A dog howling is a sign of death.

7.Always believe half what you see and nothing that you hear

8.If someone has a stye, never look them in the eye or you will get it.

9.Swallowing a minnow will cure whooping cough(don't believe this, I tryed it)

10.The bride should never wear brown or she would be treated like a hound and never wear black or she would wish she was back

11.Always leave by the same door you come in, will be bad luck if you don't.

12.Never sweep after dark, it was bad luck

13.Bad luck would follow you if you stepped over a broom

14.Never walk with one shoe on and one shoe off, brings bad luck

15.If the bottom of your foot itches, means you are going to walk on strange ground

16.Breaking a mirror will bring 7 years of bad luck

17.Never cut finger nails on Sunday, it was bad luck. This is the rule for cutting nails: Monday for health, Tuesday for wealth, Wednesday for good news, Thursday for a new pair of shoes, Friday for sorrow and Saturday you will see your sweetheart tommorow.

18.If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain for seven Sundays in a row

19.It will be fair weather if smoke rises

20.It will rain if the smoke goes down toward ground

21.It will rain if leaves show their backside when the wind blows

22.If someone sweeps under your feet, you will never marry

23.Never let a baby see it's self in a mirrow before it is a year old, it may die

24.If you play in the fire you will wet the bed

25.When our folks didn't want to answer us, we as children would ask "whats that", to which they would reply "thats for meddlers and I caught you the first one".

26.We were always told that the first Red Robin seen at the beginning of the year, ment spring was just around the corner.

27.This is not a yarn, but how you can tell when Easter will come. Watch for the first Sunday after the first full moon after spring has been announced. That will be Easter Sunday.

If you have a yarn, a story to spin or a superstitious tale, send it in and I will add to list. Also include your name if you would like.

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