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Washington(Watt)Barton 1st known generation

he married Comfort Thomas Born:1801


1.GEORGE W.BARTON-G-G-Grandfather b/1817

Married 1st Rebecca and then married 2nd Matilda Jackson.-G-G-Grandmothers

2.Elijah Barton Jr.

3.William Barton m/Margaret Clark

4.Jacob Barton Sr. m/Louise Stephens

5.Washington Barton m/Elizabeth Dinsmore

6.Sarah Barton

GEORGE W. BARTON and REBECCA had one child

1.Martha Anne(Peggy)Barton m/James Hess

GEORGE W. BARTON and 2nd wife MATILDA JACKSON had 12 children

1.Elizabeth "Betty" Barton m/Jim Hargis

2.Susanah Barton m/Tazewell Presley

3.JAMES BARTON m/Mary Polly Ann Thomas-G-Grandparents

4.Mary Barton m/David Tiller

5.Sarah Barton m/James (Jim) Nuckles

6.Abraham Barton m/Sarah Ann Cook

7.Comfort Barton m/1st Andrew Jackson Stephens 2nd William Elbert Crabtree

8.William Barton m/Vicey Powers

9.Nancy Barton m/Jasper N. Stephens

10.Ira R. Barton m/Louise Lambert

11.Emily C. Barton m/William Everett Rasnake

12.Rebecca Jane Barton m/David McFadden

JAMES BARTON-G-Grandfather

Born: 15th January 1854


Married: Mary Polly Ann Thomas G-Grandmother



G-Grandmother Mary Polly Ann Thomas Barton

(All 3 of these children are granny Annie's gGrandchildren. They are 18 month old Helen Rasnake [daughter of Paul & Alafair Rasnake] sitting on Grandma's lap, 2 year old Hazel Rasnake [daughter of Jim & Fannie Rasnake] is standing left of her and then 18 month old Eurce Deel [son of Allen & Tildy Deel] standing left of Hazel)

Children of James and Mary Polly Barton

1.Susie Barton m/James W. (Jim) Hess

2.Sarah Emiley Barton m/Thomas Jefferson Rasnake-they are my Grandparents

3.Louise Alafair Barton m/Noah Cook

4.Victoria (Torie) Barton m/Romans E. Boyd

5.Matilda (Tildy) Barton m/Allen Deel

6.George Barton m/Susie A. Cook

7.Abraham(Abe)Barton m/Nora Boyd

8.Mary Belle Barton m/George Warshington Rasnake


Born:14th April 1878

Died:24th March 1961

Married:Thomas Jefferson Rasnake 25th May 1892 They both are buried together in the Rasnake Cemetery on Indian Creek,Bee VA, this cemetery is located just above where the old homeplace was.

If I have wrote in error please let me know, if you have researched different.For futher information please e-mail.Sharon Fontell(Fon)Owens, Sexton updated 19th June 1999

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