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The Sextons

I am truly sorry to say that my aunt Fon ( Sharon Fontel Owens Sexton )passed away last night, Monday April 13, 2009 at round 10:15 p.m. in Bristol Regional Hospital. She loved working on this web page and her genealogy. She ask me to keep her page going. I told her I would do my best to help anyone who emailed her bout this page and her genealogy. So if you got any questions or additions please email me from this web page. She was laid to rest at Green Hills Memory Gardens at Claypool hill Virginia.

I am very sorry to say that my uncle Lloyd David Sexton passed away October 26, 2010. This was my aunt Fon's husband. He was laid to rest beside his wife Fon at Green Hills Memory Gardens at Claypool hill Virginia.

Thank you for your visit. Our hobbies are fishing, hunting, music, computer, genealogy and crocheting. Always looking for information on surnames, Sexton-Gray-Owens-Rasnake-Sutherland-Meade-Mead-Barton-Robinson,Rhea and Casebolt, Please e-mail. Our home is in the western most part of the state of Virginia, Buchanan County. We are close to The Breaks Interstate Park, also called Grand Canyon of the South. This park borders on VA and KY. The most beautiful country you could ever hope to see. I hope to tell more about our Nature's Wonderland, and some old wives tales, a yarn or so. Come back.


I have lived most of my life in this county, had the same address since 1963. Lived in the same house since 1967. I love this county, wouldn't think of living any place else. We are country, but not uneducated. We wave when someone goes by whether we know them or not and if you come to my house you won't go away hungry. We have over 100 churches in the county, 4 high schools, I'm not sure how many elementary and church-affiliated schools in the county. We have one Hospital, one Law School , UACP the University of Appalachin College of Pharmacy and one vocational-technical center. Coal is our industry. Buchanan County lies in the Appalachian Plateau, and was named in honor of James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States. The main highway in our county is U S Route 460. If you ever see it, get on going west and you will get here.


I have done a little more research on our county. Buchanan County was formed from the counties of Tazewell and Russell in 1858. Exploration of this area dates from about 1750, but few settlers came in until after the Revolutionary War. It was sparsely settled until the 1930's when the development of the coal mines brought newcomers. the county seat was established in 1858. Altitudes run from 845 ft. above sea level where the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River crosses into KY to 3,375 ft. of Big A Mountain on Sandy Ridge on the Russell County boundary. Big A is the most prominent landmark in the county. High walls of rock, are seen everywhere. Our mountains are steep and hard to climb but they are a natural barrier from tornadoes and hurricanes. Where I live everyone knows your name. The little community is just like any other I guess, but this one is special, I belong to it.


The interest in genealogy today is a good thing. We need to be bound together as families. Family ties give unity and strength. Knowing about the faith, loyalty, courage and patience that our forefathers had in maintaining their homes, helps to inspire today's people. Someone has said, "Good family life is never an accident, but always an achievement by those who share it". What we now have, cleared valleys, tilled fields, schools, churches and homes, we have because of the courage and determination of those who lived here before us. We are here because they did not give up or turn back. As we learn of the strength they had to endure, we will have more of a will to preserve that for which they paid so great a price. God planned for people to live by families. Today it seems that much is being done to destroy the family. High prices, a breakdown in moral standards, cults that take our young people out of the home, all combine to make family living difficult to maintain. Some say that the family as a unit is outdated and that the time will come when the family, as we know it today, will no longer exist. A nation is as strong as its families. Anything that foreign powers, who seek to bring us under their rule, can do to destroy our families, will help to weaken our nation. May God bless families and our nation.


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