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Tho* Bo^'n Ca^u

La` con ga'i tim du` sa('t dda'
Cu~ng mo^.t la^`n rung ddo^.ng tru*o*'c ti`nh ye^u
Tuo^?i mu*o*`i ba?y em ngang ta`ng pha' pha'ch
Ye^u anh ro^`i, em se~ di.u da`ng ho*n

No'i i't so*. ngu*o*`i ta kho^ng hie^?u
Nhu*ng no'i nhie^`u va^~n thie^'u nhu*~ng lo*`i hay
Chi? co' tho* to^i go*?i nie^`m ta^m su*.
Khi xem ro^`i xin hie^?u lo`ng to^i

Tha^'y hoa dde.p anh thu*`o*ng hay mo* u*o*'c
Ha'i ddu*o*.c ro^`i anh vo^.i vu*'t hoa xu*a
Nha(`m pha?i ca`nh hoa gai ddo^.c
Anh gia^.t mi`nh tie^'t re? ca'nh hoa xu*a

Tho^i nhe' tu*` nay dda^y vi~nh bie^.t ro^`i
Xin ddu*`ng lu*u luye^'n co^' nha^n o*i
Chie^`u nay anh bu*o*'c be^n ngu*o*`i mo*'i
Em buo^`n tha^`m ho?i co^' nha^n dda^u?

Ga(.p nhau ro^`i sao anh kho^ng no'i
No'i ddi lo*`i em ddang muo^'n nghe
Cha'n anh ghe^ sao cu*' vo`ng vo
Ca^u ye^u ddo' sao anh co`n nga.i

Bua^ng khua^ng nga('m nu. hoa ho^`ng
Ho?i ra(`ng ho^`ng a^'y ye^u la^`n na`o chu*a
Gio' tho^?i ca`nh ho^`ng ddong ddu*a
Hi`nh nhu* ho^`ng ba?o la^`n chu*a mo^.t la^`n

Mu`a thu lu*ng chu*`ng dde^'n
La' va`ng lu*ng chu*`ng ro*i
Lu*ng chu*`ng em vo*'i to^i
Ti`nh ye^u hay ti`nh ba.n

I have a lots more poems but I don't have time to put
them all up at once so please come back sometime for more.
Comments and suggestions 'bout mah poems' collection then drop those at mah mail.

OH, if you have some great love poems and want to post it here
then please send it to me. Thanks a lot. Love yo.


Oh, if u have any great English poems and want to post
it up here then puh-lease send those to me. THANKS A LOT.