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Sorry to those dat can't read Viet coz all of mah poems are written in Vietnamese.
But if you have some great English poems and would like to post it
then please drop those at mah mail. Thanks and enjoy mah precious poems' collection.

Tho* bo^'n ca^u

Ye^u tho* la` ke? u sa^`u
Ye^u nha.c la` ke? ba('c dda^`u mo^.ng mo*
Rie^n to^i ye^u nha.c la^~n tho*
Ddo^' ai bie^'t ddu*o*.c to^i sa^`u hay mo*

Ti`nh dde.p nha^'t la` ti`nh kho^ng da'm to?
Ti`nh tha^.t tha` la` ti`nh o*? trong tim
Ti`nh si me^ la` ti`nh chi? im li`m
ti`nh tan vo*~ la` ti`nh ddau ddo*'n nha^'t

Buo^`n na`o ho*n khi kho^ng co`n ga(.p ma(.t
Buo^`n na`o ho*n khi vi~nh vie^~n ma^'t nhau
Buo^`n na`o ho*n khi ti`nh ta kho^ng tro.n
Buo^`n na`o ho*n khi ma~i ma~i chia ddo^i

Ngu*o*`i ta ba?o ye^u la` ddau kho^?
Cha(?ng hie^?u sao bie^'t kho^? va^~n ye^u
Ne^'u ye^u nhau mang nhie^`u kho^? ha^.n
Xin mo^.t la^`n kho^? ha^.n dde^? ye^u anh.

Anh la` gi` ma` em th*o*ng em nho*'
Anh la` gi` ma` em so*. ma^'t anh
Anh cha(?ng qua la` vi` sao nho?
Sa'ng mo^.t ho^`i ro^`i se~ ta('t tho^i anh

So'ng kho^ng to sao go.i la` bie^?n ca?
Kho^ng gia^.n ho*`n sao go.i la` ti`nh ye^u
Ye^u ra^'t nhie^`u ma` lo`ng kho^ng da'm no'i
Chi? gu.c dda^`u la(.ng le~ chua cay

Ye^u la`m chi dde^? ro^`i dda^u kho^?
Dde^? tim ho^`ng pha?i u*o*'m ma'u chi? vi` anh
Anh ho*` hu*~ng la`m lo`ng ddau tha('t la.i
Anh vo^ ti`nh la`m na't tra'i tim to^i

La`m sao bie^'t ddu*o*.c ti`nh ye^u?
La`m sao bie^'t ddu*o*.c ngu*o*`i ta ye^u mi`nh
La`m sao bie^'t ca'ch to? ti`nh
La`m sao bie^'t ddu*o*.c lo`ng mi`nh dda~ ye^u

Lua^.t pha'p na`o ca^'m nam ye^u nu*~
Cha^n ly' na`o ca^'m nu*~ ye^u nam
Giai ca^'p na`o xo'a tan xu*. nhung nho*'
Ma~nh vu*.c na`o dda'nh ddo^~ ddu*o*.c ti`nh ye^u

Ti`nh muo^n thu?a ti`nh dda^`u ba^'t die^.t
Mo^.ng ban dda^`u kho' dde^? nha.t phai
Thu*o*ng nhau dda^u pha?i lo*`i no'i
Hai ma('t nhi`n nhau the^' ddu? ro^`i

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