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this is part of a conversation i had on icq with a really good friend...i spared you the 1 1/2 hours' worth of austin powers and europe talk. but i thought this conversation was really cool. it made me wide awake even though i was tired..

heheh, in the third brigade room, there's a yellow light upstairs that turns on and off for no apparent reason (it's every time somebody opens the outside door) but it's funny cause nobody will tell the newbies. he heh, we' re like, that's the bright idea light. it's yellow just like the cartoons. Mr Seward made up the idea thing. he's the birght, hialrious, father of Chrissy. he's a jolly trombone player. he has a beard (not a big one, but a regular small beard), and has a jolly size too. he's cool.

jolly people are soo cool! especially when they play trombone trombone teacher would qualify as one of those as well

they rock. they LOOK like they were designed to play the trombone, eat good food, and laugh a lot.

for real! i'm his nose always red? or pink? my teacher's nose is always pink and he has a cup of coffee that says "go home and practice" on it and he always laughs at himself....

no kidding!!!! mr seward is awesome too. he heh. coffee cup that says go home and practice! i love it! he heh! whoo hoo! why do all good players have cool names?

i dont' know! maybe it's just something that happens to be a part of a good a cool name like that. just like jolly-ness! well some good players aren't jolly....but they need to be!

jolly. louie armsrtong is JOLLY!

do ya think charlie parker was jolly too?/

it's hard to tell...
beats me. jolly. probably, if you knew him. some people dont' shine like others. the very best may not be the greatest musician, but he or she might be the one who has the most life in their playing. music is alive. it's not a describable object of science. it's an entity. it's the are behind becoming one with the entity. so jolliness must be part of understanding the entity fully.

wow.....i'm gonna quote you someday.. yeah it's like, there was this girl in my old HS who got 1st chair everything...and everyone was like 'oh she is sooo good'. but like the way she played was so she played the notes on the page just fine but you know nobody would ever cry or laugh over what she played. it's like she got caught up on the stuff on paper and forgot WHY THOSE NOTES WERE EVEN THERE IN THE 1ST PLACE..

the notes, the notes. the language. you can't read them. you have to express them. it's liek poetry. it doesn't sound good unless you put some expression into it.

like a speech can look down and read it off a page, and it's get the idea across. or you can get the idea into your heart and send it out to whoever is listening with some kind of passion, cause you know it and you want them to feel the same way you are. i just wonder how people can sit and play like robots and think they are the best of the best musicians, you know?

yeah, robots. real music. real music is felt through the twinkle, the fire in your eyes, that look that all jolly musicans have. he heh. that's the key. it's all about soul. soul. entity. larger than life. music, love and religion. they all come straight from the soul.
my grandmother is doing a study on how the ancient chants of the monks are scietifcally proven to heal physical ailments.

you got it... oh man i'm going to explode everywhere! just talking about music makes me want to do that..i wanna go play my trombone now but it's 1:46 in the morning so maybe not..
so chants can really cure illnesses?

yeah, it's that soul thing again. just like laughing for a depressed person. and since god created the world, then god created the working system behind it, and that's what we call science. Therefore, although we think we know so much, all of our science and all of our understanding is so utterly useless and elementary. we dont' have the capacity to understand. nor will ever be able to have the capacity. that's why magic exists.

magic!! it's how we got to the moon, i think, cause they say that any way you looked at it, going to the moon and coming back was technologically impossible. but we went there and nobody knows how!

you know, since god is science, then he can obviously manipulate it however he wants..... ever wonder if we're only an imagination that lasted a split second inside the head of a beign in a different dimension? that's how utterly complicated things are. yet the explanation for WHY, has to be so simple we could never stumble upon it, because it's so broad, we can't even see the edges to know that we're standing on it!
the moon, the universe. WHY? music, WHY? soundwaves are music? come on, music is way more than soundwaves. we could be the life of a being's split second dream, or thought, yet in our dimension, from our viewpoint, it lasts forever.

it's like all those stars, and all those planets and all those light years of distance...that could all be just a grain of dust or even a -thought- in some other dimension. and all the dimensions there are and however big they may's all smaller than god is.. and god has been here forever.........forever is just, unexplainable...

forever encompases the here and now, what went before, and what will go later. forever is what we will ever be. so what are we? oh my goodness, forever is complicated, i just had a rush of ideas that could only be explained by one metaphor: diareeaha.

now i'm just sitting here with my eyes bugging out... and saying to myself 'how did we get here?' and 'why does music come in waves?"
we could be gods too. that's not balshphemy, because god is and always will be, god, my god and your god and eveything in the bible will always be. but we could be gods. our thoughts, or bodies could be the hosts to an entire universe, and the universe in us cuoud be the host to a universe of it's own. all our ideals, all our underwritten morals, all our true aspirations toward life, forming the universe within us.

yeah like, records. records amaze me. how can bumps on plastic reproduce every sound on the face of the earth? and what if there was a sound that could not be reporduced on records? what would it sound like? is that what musicians hear at the gate of heaven? GEEZ! where did THAT come from!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

wow....we could be gods and not even know it.. what if our god doesn't know he is a god? and all his teachings in the bible were passed on from just his own morals, like ours would be if we were gods. you know neutrinos and stuff? what if each one was a universe in itself....and there are billions of neutrinos everywhere...and then, what if we are just a neutrino to someone else?

you've got it. that' s what i was thinking. there's a passage in the bible.... it goes, and god created man in his image. what if, somewhere along the line, the traslation was mussed up and it was really, imagination? that doesn't qutei sound right but it fits what we were talking aobut. this is a theory that doens't have any balsphemous qualities about it. he heh, we're awesome! we just created completely workable theory on life.

whoa this just goes to show you what 2 jolly musicians can do!

YES! musicans rock. he he, I'll never forget the look in Louis Armstrongs eyes as long as i live. he knew, wthout knowing, what it was all about. he held the key, without sensing it in his hand, to unlocking the universe. he was jolly. jolliness rocks. he heh.

yeah the jolly people like they've got it all figured out. it's like, they just know, you know? so they can be jolly and happy cause they know how things work and stuff.


that's cool. speaking of numbers don't ever drive on route 666. it's a bit more than cursed. it's "black jolliness...." the evil jolly. (shudder) THAT puts a scary light on thing.

ooohh the black jolliness..scary.. we have a route 666 here..i forgot where it is though but it only goes about 50 feet!

this one is out west somewhere. fatal accident every single day, or so i saw on "sightings" on the Sci Fi channel.
there's alot of indian like, superstiions about the number six. they say even if you draw it the wrong way.....

yeah... like if stuff like that was just fairy tales, we could brush it off and go, yeah right! but some of it sounds so farfetched, and still gives us chills...cause inside i think we know it's there

needless to say we can never know the why behind the is.

i wouldn't want i think if anybody -really- knew the why's behind stuff like that, they would just die of fright...either that or they would be something un-human it's like some stuff seems like way too much to handle...we get overwhelmed by a single murder or something like that..but knowing pure evil? it would totally blow somebody apart...

we had a converstion worthy of many books, many hours of debate, and of the highest most prominent minds on the planet. for that i thank you much (danka shuen!) nice taling to you! NIghty NightY! my mute will be ready for shaving the corks tomorrow!!!!

[walk away laughing]