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october 14, 2001
though at night i dream of crashes, this plane of ours has engines that will never die. every passenger is a dear friend, and the pilot true love itself. we need no squishy seats to give us rest..that's what the trees are for. and why ask for headphones when we can make the music play out loud through our hearts?
nearly twenty-one years on a flight into forever, and in this short time i've found all i could ever need or want. the glisten in your eyes, the comfort of late-night chats on limbs and living room floors, the support of so many hands..these feelings make words fall short, but the colors of your hearts bring a rich glow to everything they touch.
although destruction tries hard to ascend the throne, the beauty of life still wards off the attacks. and even though our people are thrown from a cliff, we hold hands on the way down. and when the veil of darkness falls over our eyes, we beam like bulbs to light each other's way.
so this is life, to the child who has grown up yet remains in awe.
so this is life, the years which are a stream still not run dry.
this is joy, a happiness that pulsates and moves, and wants nothing more than to have people join in the dance.

october 7, 2001
how can these people possibly tell me that their pointless schoolwork takes precedence over the life i am living? what is it about term papers and analyses of beginning band music that makes them so much more worthwhile than family, friends, and the love that pulls me out of bed each day? what is a credit hour when one is faced with a war? someone tell me the answers to these questions and i'll gladly sit down and do this busy work that these unbelievably unprofessional professors have decided to drop onto my shoulders. until then, i'll stay just as pissed as i am right now, as pissed as a music major should be when she is kept from her instrument by never-ending assignments, and as angry as any person should be when those around her expect schoolwork to be her god and world.