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the one responsible for this mess

i'm a little girl you could probably pick up and throw if you wanted to (but you might have to pry the trombone out of my hands first.) i spend most of my days hanging out with twelve-year-olds and rambling on and on to them about how great music is. and someday i might actually get paid for it, too! when i get home at night, i turn on the jazz radio station before i turn on the lights. i own a car and a bike..the car is white and the bike is red. i can't go any really good tricks with either one yet, but they get me where i'm goin'. on sunday mornings i like to go to perkins and have a nice big breakfast with a very cool saxophone player or two. years ago on friday nights i used to go to a place called fazoli's for fettucini alfredo and brutal debates with friends. a few months ago i drove from 3 hours away with my heart set on eating there, only to find that they had closed. it made me shake my head and laugh a little bit, but man was i hungry! anyway..
when i listen to bright eyes in my car i drive very fast, and when i listen to dexter gordon in my car i can't help but transcribe his solos. people say i practice too much, but you rarely get too much of something you love more than most anything else. i love playing just like i love doing little random things. cause life would not be the same if we never sat by the river at four in the morning or went to flea markets to buy old bottlecaps and scarves, or drove out into the middle of nowhere for no reason other than to see roads with no lines on them. maybe not quite the same..but no less beautiful.

listen and you'll just know...some people have it all figured out
maybe someday i will, too.