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BIG SALE LIST!! Everything $1 or Less!!

Some books may not be available for immediate purchase as I will be pulling various titles to list on ebay. Descriptions are very limited to save time. If you need any further information, please ask. There are lots of *NEW* books. All books are in good condition or better, unless noted.

Ladybug Magazine. May 1995. G. $.50
Ladybug Magazine. July 2001. G. $.50
Clifford’s Kitten G. $.50
The Witch Grows Up- Norman Bridwell $.50
The Witch Next Door-Norman Bridwell $.50
The Berenstain Bears Get In A Fight NEW $.50
The Snail’s Spell- Joanne Ryder. $.50

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Shines Again
Walt Disney’s Santa’s Toy Shop
Benji Fastest Dog in the West
Eloise Wilkin’s Mother Goose- Back cover torn off (included), tape repaired page, last page torn out (may have been an ad)

The Pledge of Allegiance. Scholastic softcover in excellent condition. The text of the Pledge of Allegiance is illustrated with stunning photographs of American landscapes, monuments, and flags. The meaning of the pledge, its history, and information about the flag are included. $1.00
The Ghost Family Meets It Match. Nicole Rubel. HC/dj. EL. G. $1
Disney’s Atlantis Look & Find. HC, N. $1
We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt. Marcia Vaughan. VG. $1
Go To Bed. Virginia Miller. VG. $1
She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain Sing & Read Storybook NEW $1.00
Up, Up Up! It’s Apple Picking Time NEW $1.00
Welcome to the Ice House –Jane Yolen NEW $1.00
Please Say Please Penguin’s Guide to Manners NEW $1.00
Dexter’s Laboratory Brain Power NEW $1.00
Migration NEW $1.00
Mermaid Rock- The Haunted Shipwreck NEW $1.00
The Fat Cat Sat on A Mat –I Can Read NEW $1.00
Get Well Santa –Julie Sykes NEW $1.00
Teddy’s Snowy Day- Ian Beck NEW $1.00
Feely Bugs- David Carter hc sticky bugs no longer sticky and spine torn $1.00
Tackylocks and the Three Bears- NEW $1.00
Great Picture Puzzles NEW $1.00
A New Improved Santa NEW $1.00
A Rainbow of My Own –Don Freeman hc $1.00
The Hokey Pokey $1.00
Piggens- Jane Yolen hc $1.00
Clap Your Hands- Lorinda Bryan Cauley $1.00
Pooh’s Ten Stories from the Hundred Acre Wood Play a Sound –sound works, tape repaired page, crayon on cover, hc $1.00
A Bargain For Frances $1.00
Rumpelstiltskin-Whitman Tell-A-Tale hc 1968 $1.00
Clifford For President NEW $1.00
Vote For Me-All About Civics- NEW $1.00
The Rescuers- hc $1.00
Thank You, Thanksgiving- NEW $1.00
Story of Jonah- Alice in Bibleland hc $1.00

A Gathering of Days. A New England Girl's Journal 1830-32. Joan W. Blos. Newbery winner. Like new softcover. School "belongs to" stamped inside front cover . $1.00
Nancy Drew #162 Case of the Lost Song. N. $1
Sheltie and the Snow Pony-NEW $1
Rose’s Journal. A Girl in the Great Depression. Marissa Moss. NEW $1
Goosebumps Stay out of the Basement –NEW $1
Pee Wee Scouts Pooped Troop- Judy Delton NEW $1
Spongebob Squarepants New Student Starfish NEW $1
Princess School-If the Shoe Fits $1
Which Witch? Eva Ibbotson. NEW $1

Powerpuff Girls The Mayor is Missing $1
Powerpuff Girls Where is Chicken Pox? $1
Powerpuff Girls Bought & Scold $1
Powerpuff Girls Bubble Vision $1
Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo’s Rising $1
Powerpuff Girls A Little Monstrous Problem $1

All About Magnets. Stephen Krensky N $1
Teaching House A Parent’s Guide to Early Learning Activities Around the House. Brighter Visions. N. $1

Mary Kate & Ashley Fashion Party. Very good condition, in original box. $1
Mary Kate & Ashley Case of the Christmas Caper. Very good condition, in original box. $1


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