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Welcome to Josh's Domain

Welcome to my domain.

[Note: Although this page will remain without updates, I am working on a new site at
This site will most likely be deleted after completion of the new one.]

As you can probably guess, my name is Josh. I'm 17 (as of 4/26/02) and I live in RVA (often referred to as Richmond, Virginia). I'm a senior in high school this year! I drive a 1985 S-10 Blazer, which in my opinion doesn't look half bad for an '85 and it drives without many problems. Go to the page about it to learn more about the work I have done and intend to do. Note: This page is probably not going to be updated anymore so just enjoy what little work has been done! BTW this means i might be older than the age shown above, i think you can figure it out for yourself take the date and count back to 4/26/85. If the links are broken do a search on google or something it may have changed.

Here are links to some cool stuff and my other websites.


Some Assembly Required
Strike Anywhere
The Commercials
Murphy's Kids
Falls Under April

[Car Audio]

Crutchfield- Car audio products.

Install Dr.- Car audio installation info.

Sound Domain- All around car audio information site.

MP3Car- The ultimate site for automotive MP3 information.

[My Pages]

My Blazer- Check out my '85 S-10 Blazer.


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