to comprehend
Albert Einstein's
Unified Field where
the same physical laws
of gravity and growth
control both the tiny
microcosm of countless
atoms and electrons,
protons and neutrons
all forming each body
of the infinitely vast
macrocosm of galaxies'
uncountable stars,
planets, moons and comets
all swirling together in
this cosmic pulsar
now swelling outward ---
thus our planet Earth,
slowly cooling and shrinking,
yet a living biosphere
condemned by death to
kill and devour life
to live and reproduce,
nurture, decline and die,
yet evolving to a
higher consciousness
of needing care and
protection from
each other's rampant
overpopulation to
overdevelopment to
deforestation to
money addiction to
raging competition to
war, pollution,
ecocide and
extinction ---
yet inspired by
the spirit above
to search instead
for peace and balance
in a worldwide
circle of love.

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