You already know about
coal, gas and jet exhaust,
their green house effect
and global warming.
Equally alarming
the sunburn effect:
after refrigerator frost
those chilly chemical gasses
rise for catalytic destruction
of our ozone protection
for people, trees and grasses
from ultraviolet radiation!
Are the forests burning (yes)
food crops shriveling (not yet)
skin cancer spreading (yes)
sea life declining (yes)
the oceans turning into
warm bowls of soup? (half way)
Is it already too late,
that gray line crossed,
and who could have stopped
the fascinating advance
of scientific invention
while ambition repressed
any thought of extinction?
Not me, not you,
nor any active group,
only the natural curse
of our rampant expansion,
the death of planet Earth.

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John Talbot Ross