Though subconscious minds
may be deeper plumbed,
aggressive schemes do not relent
when building a corporate fund
on global treasures long overspent
by ruling fathers, their shame benumbed
in shades of glory instinctively dreamt
and acted by each egocentric career.

So, whatever the wise attempt,
their hated truth is shunned
lest any forethought interfere
with that stylish go-go trend
to kill our planet's natural poise
dead of demand for money to spend
on chemical aids when pleasure cloys
at growth economies' toxic end -

or people exploding in waste and noise
find self-deception too self-condemned,
that racing ahead their race destroys
a future for life the trees portend
their forests' return as peace envoys
from goddess Earth if we comprehend
our true business to heal and mend.

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John Talbot Ross