Year 201?

The last billionaire
has already retreated
to his mountain sanctuary
with his family and friends,
27 scared and grateful refugees
all fled from the global madness
that created his vast fortune,
the septic, trashed-out ocean,
coal-fired, jet-exhausted atmosphere,
pesticide-tainted food crops
preserved in chemical additives,
wildlifeless tree-farm forests,
drought withered wildfire plains,
flash-flooded river valleys,
tornado-smashed towns and villages,
multiple extincted species,
all of which they have survived
through faith and hard work,
watering their terraced garden
from the last underground reservoir,
daydreaming a World regenerated
by the next great wilderness
they know will grow and flourish,
partly from their practice
of horticultural science,
while they search confidently
for people like themselves,
saviors of civilization
and life on Earth --
except in nighmarish sleep
when beckoning phantoms
call them beyond.

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