The tidal seas should properly flood
if we billions could only shut off
our rapidly depleting supply
of this once free-flowing
all natural fresh water,
mindlessly pumped out
of lakes, rivers and creeks,
ponds, springs and wells,
dams and reservoirs
into water heaters,
towers and tanks,
then out through
billions of faucets
and shower heads
to wash, drink, cook,
drain and flush down
to waste water treatment
for multi-ton barges of sludge
dumping at offshore dead zones,
together with rising mountains
of everyone's garbage landfill
and swelling oceans of trash
all now infect and obstruct
our breathing, absorbing,
life-creating biosphere
that we fatally polluted
with everything we use
in ever growing numbers
from economic bumblers
such an ecocidal crime
we lapse into rhyme
at the failing health
and vanishing wealth
never to be restored
by this growing horde
like a raging virus
of seven billion plus.

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John Talbot Ross