When Mom & Dad heaven
went commercially rife
TV sat baby till seven,
loyal consumers for life

turned bio-robots en masse,
their multi-program data chips
serving well the predator class
of global corporate partnerships,

while dozens of Movement souls
let agents creep and co-opt
so reversing Progressive roles
the Monster could not be stopped

from burning the oil and coal
wherever their toxins spread
consumers shopped and dropped
regardless of anything said,

until a recovering politician
showed a video revealing
those greenhouse gas emissions,
his teacherly words appealing -

yet never daring to suggest
too many billions of us
have fatally overstressed
our living planet, and thus

demanding global hegemony
at any environmental cost
now our own worst enemy
to risk an ecocidal holocaust
that exterminates the family,
survivors left alone and lost.

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John Talbot Ross