On a World of too many bruises
adoration of Nature
is a terminal contradiction
of all who live in houses,
demanding their modern gear
to give them smug protection
from various endangered species
like crocodile, puma, wolf and bear,
ambivalent each pale refletion
their vanished anarchy arouses
unnatural scenes of starving deer
game-parked for harsh correction,
a dictated balance their state espouses,
progressive extinctions all neatly filed
as remnant herds in protected meadows,
harmless delight of vacationing browsers,
their secret whim to be happily wild
slips through their TV picture windows
any burden of knowing such passage of time
brings final solution to a planet defiled
when zoos and parks and other ghettoes
cannot hide the incorporated crime
so triumphantly toxic the deal is done
by warming gasses that rise to expose
a cosmic sea-change of universal mind,
the searing glare of unsmiling Sun.

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John Talbot Ross