Together in 1967
a band of U.S. Americans,
bravely dreaming of Earthly heaven,
grew gardens, cows, fruit trees and chickens
away from greed and male supremacy
and agreed to build a better commune,
easing their burden of fiscal poverty
by equally sharing all labor, income,
resources and most of their property,
but yearning, researching and soon finding
the industrial path to real prosperity
by milling and drilling, spinning and winding
and weaving with upwardly mobile dexterity,
half forgetting, avoiding and never-minding
the drift from mutual care to sly temerity,
then the Kat came back after corporate hire
to falsify sharing as "equality over time"
for a commune of stock market buyers.
Now ten year's seniority is wined and dined
so that insidious clique of wonderful liars
with their deceptively humble superiority
may charm the faithful to follow behind.

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