While in limpid dreams we deeply sail
her moonlit mists in forest vale
softly soothe our predawn sleep
and slowly into waking seep,
stretching tight our yawning tune
when rising Sun and setting Moon
cast a pale mellow morning glow,
telling us time to get up and go
where Spring overnight rains revive
our seeded soils erupt alive
to Sun-warm breeze in blossoms play
our greens grow ripening day by day
we plant and hoe and patiently wait
for garden magic to fill our plate
with members varied cooking skills
our sapid joy in savory thrills
bask replete in culinary delight,
all we can eat morning, noon and night
when Summer heats our bodies' lust,
longing to clasp with fervid thrust
that loving passion may so increase
to rythmic cries of joy's release
while mocking bird and whipoorwill
fill the night with joyous trill
to mate in trees on humid nights
fireflies mingle their winking lights
with cosmic creation's starry twinkling
till morning's magical dewy sprinkling
then sleep the day in leafy shade,
their forest dreaming gently swayed
by sunlit showers in spectrum glow
as her great arching rainbow show
charms our communal cornucopia,
this sweet village we call Utopia,
brave flag of community life unfurled
so an idea might quietly sweep the World
to work with each other's creative daring
within our twin laws of value sharing
all labor equal whatever job is done
to focus attention with a spirit of fun
all income is service for reasonable need
of careful accounting so not to exceed
our flexible guidelines to learn the peace
and simpler methods of nature's increase,
from aging cheese and brewing beer
for party feasting and dancing cheer
to roasting granola and baking bread
for members all busy and well fed
for a happy life without riches or frills
where women and men as partners fulfill
a deeper yearning for the greater worth
of gently returning this wounded Earth
to the saphire glowing of her solar jewel
by planetary powers of magick renewal
our babies' childishly trusting eyes
see the trees of life encircle the wise
in forests of countless regenerations
all her creatures are soul relations
together in balance a spirit symposium
may echo in space our cosmic harmonium.

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